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Staff Profile

Jeff Thieret

Senior Member of the Technical Staff

Key Responsibilities

Provide the technical leadership, project management and technical team membership necessary to facilitate the rapid establishment of agile teams composed of acquirers, developers and operators using SEI technologies that provide evolutionary, high-quality, cutting-edge software-intensive capabilities to the war-fighter.

Professional Background

SEI: People-CMM basic and intermediate course graduate; PCMM SCAMPI-B appraisal team member; CMMI v1.2 basic course graduate; CMMI SCAMPI-B appraisal team member; 2008 SEPG North America Technical Program Vice-Chair; technology readiness assessment independent review panel member; independent technical assessment team member; Software Acquisition Survival Skills course graduate; Software Architecture: Principles and practices course graduate.

US Air Force: Joint space support; strategic missile warning, command and control; Air University 2025 Study researcher; Professor of aerospace studies; Joint Strategic Targeting and Planning tactician; US Naval War College advanced research fellow; Air Force Flight Test Center deputy program director, test manager and test director; B-52 operational avionics and weapon systems flight test and evaluation crew member; B-52 instructor navigator and flight examiner.

Publications (recent or significant)


  • MA, National Security & Strategic Studies, US Naval War College, Newport RI
  • MPA, Public Administration, Golden Gate University

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