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Staff Profile

Bronwyn Woods

Research Statistician

Publications (recent or significant)

Multi-scale automated cell segmentation in two-photon calcium imaging; B. Woods, A. Vazquez, S.-G. Kim, W. Eddy; proceedings of the NIPS workshop on Machine Learning and Interpretation in Neuroimaging, 2012.

MEG, RFFTs and the hunt for high frequency oscillations; J. Wang, B. Woods, W. Eddy; CISP-BMEI 2009.

Articulatory feature-based methods for acoustic and audio-visual speech recognition: Summary from the 2006 JHU summer workshop; K. Livescu et. al; ICASSP 2007.



Bronwyn Woods is a research statistician working with CERT's Science of Cyber Security group. She focuses on applying statistical and machine learning analysis techniques to a wide variety of cyber security problems throughout CERT. Bronwyn comes to CERT from graduate school where she worked on statistical methods for understanding neuroimaging data.