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Modernizing Legacy Systems: Software Technologies, Engineering Processes, and Business Practices, by Robert Seacord, Dan Plakosh, and Grace Lewis, published in 2003 by Addison-Wesley Publishing

Managing Software Acquisition: Open Systems and COTS Products by Tricia Oberndorf and Craig Meyers, published in 2001 by Addison-Wesley Publishing

Building Systems from Commercial Components by Kurt Wallnau, Robert Seacord and Scott Hissam, published in 2002 by Addison-Wesley Publishing

Quotations from Chairman David: A Little Red Book of Truths to Enlighten and Guide on the Long March Toward the COTS Revolution by David Carney, published in 1999 by the SEI.


Briefings, Courses, and Workshops

The SEI CBS Initiative has developed a number of briefings, courses, and workshops to assist organizations undertaking COTS-Based and Open System development efforts. Offerings available include:

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