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Publications by Topic: Quality Attribute Workshops

SEI Reports

Impact of Army Architecture Evaluations
(April 2009) This 2009 report describes the results of a study of the impact that the ATAM evaluations and QAWs had on Army programs. (CMU/SEI-2009-SR-007)

Integrating the Quality Attribute Workshop (QAW) and the Attribute-Driven Design (ADD) Method
(July 2004) This technical note reports on a proposal to integrate the SEI Quality Attribute Workshop (QAW) and the SEI Attribute-Driven Design (ADD) method. (CMU/SEI-2004-TN-017)

Quality Attribute Workshops (QAWs), Third Edition
(October 2003) This report describes the newly revised QAW (Quality Attribute Workshop) and describes potential uses of the refined scenarios generated during it. (CMU/SEI-2003-TR-016)

Use of Quality Attribute Workshops (QAWs) in Source Selection for a DoD System Acquisition: A Case Study
(June 2002) This case study outlines how a DoD organization used architecture analysis and evaluation in a major system acquisition to reduce program risk. (CMU/SEI-2002-TN-013)

Quality Attribute Workshops, 2nd Edition
(June 2002) This report clarifies the context in which a QAW (Quality Attribute Workshop) is applicable, provides a rationale for developing the process and describes it in detail, and concludes with a list of lessons learned and a discussion of how these lessons have helped evolve the process to its current state. (CMU/SEI-2002-TR-019)

Quality Attribute Workshops
(May 2001) This report describes the QAW (Quality Attribute Workshop) approach, which is a method for evaluating a software-intensive system architecture during the acquisition phase of major programs. (CMU/SEI-2001-TR-010)

Using Quality Attribute Workshops to Evaluate Architectural Design Approaches in a Major System Acquisition: A Case Study
(July 2000) This report describes a series of Quality Attribute Workshops (QAWs) that were conducted on behalf of a government agency during its competitive acquisition of a complex, tactical, integrated command and control system. (CMU/SEI-2000-TN-010)

Quality Attribute Workshop Participants Handbook
(January 2000) This report describes the 1) process we use to conduct QAW (Quality Attribute Workshop), 2) information required, 3) suggested tools, and 4) expected outcomes of QAWs. (CMU/SEI-2000-SR-001)

Coming Attractions in Software Architecture
(January 1996) This 1996 report identifies a set of promising lines of research related to software architecture and architecture-based system development. (CMU/SEI-1996-TR-008)