First International Workshop on Software Architecture Metrics

SAM will be held in conjunction with WICSA 2014


The workshop will be organized as a combination of invited presentations and interactive sessions to discuss progress on architecture metrics, measurement, and analysis; to gather empirical evidence on the use and effectiveness of metrics; and to identify priorities for a research agenda.

Session 1: 1:30-3:00

Welcome and Workshop Theme 

  • Paris Avgeriou, Heiko Koziolek, Robert Nord, and Ipek Ozkaya 


Begin to formulate industry problems and research challenges

Afternoon Break: 3:00-3:30 

Session 2: 3:30-5:30  



  • Identify industry gaps, research opportunities, and ways to transition results

Synthesize workshop presentations and discussion

Social Event: Workshop Dinner  

We plan to have a dinner the evening of the workshop to facilitate closer links among the participants.

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