Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University

Funding Document

DoD organizations shall use any appropriate funding document, including, but no tlimited to, the Direct Site MIPR, AF36, AF 830, Army DD Form 480, DARPA-ARPA Order, DISA Form 1, or NAVCOMPT Form. 2276.

                                The funding document must meet the following requirements:


Direct Site

All DoD documents must be obligated as Direct Site (Category II).



The funding document must contain the statement:

"These funds are provided for obligation in support of CMU-Software Engineering Institute Project Number _____. Project sponsor e-mail address for acceptance documentation is _____."


Do Not Include PWP

The Project Work Plan must not be attached to the funding document. Any reference made to the Project Work Plan should be phrased,

"funding for work to be performed per Project Work Plan provided under separate cover."


Project Element Code (PEC)

The funding document must contain a Project Element Code (PEC) in either the Line of Accounting (LOA) or elsewhere on the funding document.


Accounting Disbursing Station Number (ADSN)

Funding documents citing Accounting Disbursing Station Number (ADSN) 503000 or 667100 must be posted to the financial system with Processing Center Code (PC) "B" for MOCAS.

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