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Funding Documents

Funding documents vary based on the type of the government sponsoring organization:

Department of Defense

Government sponsoring organizations from the Department of Defense include but are not limited to: Air Force, Army, DARPA, DISA, DIA, DLA, DTIC, DTRA, Marine Corps, Navy, NRO, and MDA.


Funding Document

DoD organizations shall use any appropriate funding document, including, but not limited to, the Direct Site MIPR, AF36, AF 830, Army DD Form 480, DARPA-ARPA Order, DISA Form 1, or NAVCOMPT Form. 2276.
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Non-RDT&E Funds Only

AFLCMC/AZS recognizes that some agencies may support RDT&E work with various colors of money.

Since the CMU-SEI Contract is an R&D contract, it is predominantly supported by RDT&E funds. The use of non-RDT&E funds is considered an exception that requires explanation, documentation, and justification before such funds are accepted and obligated to the contract.

If you are providing non-RDT&E  funding, please provide a Justification of Funds (JoF).


Justification of Funds (JoF)

When submitting documents that cite non-RDT&E funds, please submit a justification of funds in the form of a Memorandum for Record (MFR).
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Non-Department of Defense

Non-Department of Defense government sponsoring organizations include but are not limited to: DHS, FAA, NOAA, and NASA.

Reimbursable Authority (RBA) will be used for funding documents from non-DoD agencies. Costs/invoices shall be paid consistent with fiscal law.

Prior to AFLCMC/AZS obligating funds on behalf of your agency (including both new projects and incremental funding for existing projects), the CMU-SEI must have an Interagency Agreement (IA) between your organization and AFLCMC/AZS.


Interagency Agreement

Non-DoD U.S. government agencies shall use an Interagency Agreement document as its funding document.
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Non-DoD government sponsoring organizations citing authority under The Economy Act (FAR 17.502-2(c)) shall provide a Determination and Findings (D&F) with their Intergency Agreement.


Determination & Findings

The Determination of Findings (D&F) must be approved by a Contracting Officer of the requesting agency with authority to contract for the supplies or services to be ordered, or by another official designated by the agency head.

Cost Recovery Fee

All non-DoD government sponsoring organizations providing funds to be obligated on the CMU-SEI FFRDC contract must provide a cost recovery fee in support of this assisted acquisition. The amount of this cost recovery fee is $750 per line of accounting. If a request requires AFLCMC/AZS to produce a contract modification (obligation, de-obligation, administrative) the cost recovery fee is applicable to each line of accounting that requires a modification.

De-obligations that occur as part of normal contract closeout activities will not incur a $750 transaction fee. However, if the customer specifically requests a de-obligation, then this creates a contract action and as such will be subject to the $750 cost recovery fee.

The Economy Act (31 U.S.C. §§ 1535 and 1536) is the general transfer authority which permits an agency to place orders with another agency that cannot be provided more conveniently or economically through direct commercial acquisition.

Collecting Fees
Fees will be deducted from the total dollar amount in the Interagency Agreement. The fees will be transferred into the Air Force Miscellaneous Receipt account held at the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS-CO) using the Intra-Governmental Payment and Collection (IPAC) System, and later transferred to the U.S. Treasury Miscellaneous Receipt account for the purpose of costs associated with CMU-SEI projects placed under the Economy Act. 

The following flowchart shows the collection of service recovery fee.

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Submission Guidelines

Instructions for submitting funding documents are the same, regardless of which contract your project is funded under (FA8721-05-C-0003, including the continuation contract;and FA8702-15-D-0002).


Submit all funding documents for unclassified projects to the AFLCMC/CMU-SEI Finance Common Mailbox:

Mailing Address

Attention: FFRDC Financial Management
20 Schilling Circle
Bldg. 1305, 3rd Floor
Hanscom AFB, MA 01731-2125


Contact the SEI for specific instructions on how how to submit classified documents.

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Obligation of Funds

Funding documents cannot be used to drive project schedules;if specific timelines are required please discuss these timelines within the Project Work Plan developed with CMU-SEI.

Non-Severable Work
Starting at the date of obligation, funds are available on the contract until the end of the period of performance (PoP) of the project (as-stated in the PWP). Non-severable RDT&E work under this contract may be incrementally funded. Learn more.

Severable Work
New projects that are severable are placed on a separate Task Order of the new contract;the Task Order is designated for severable projects. The period of performance will depend on the appropriation source, i.e. the "Color of Money" and year of the appropriation. Customers should verify with their agency Financial Manager/Budget Specialist if they are unsure as to period of performance restrictions based on the appropriation. Learn more.

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