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  The template below was vetted and approved by AFLCMC/AZS and CMU-SEI. Please fill out the highlighted sections, which are unique to each user.

Do not alter, delete or add extra content in the template. Doing so will invalidate the IA and may add lead time to approving your agency’s project. As such, your research is at risk of not being executed.


Interagency Agreement

Non-DoD government sponsoring organizations shall use an Interagency Agreement document as their funding document.


                                 The Interagency Agreement (IA) must meet the following requirements:



Funding document must contain the statement:

"These funds are provided for obligation in support of CMU-Software Engineering Institute Project Number _____. Project sponsor e-mail address for acceptance documentation is _____."


PoP References

References to PoP must be the same as stated in the Project Work Plan.

If the project has been determined to be non-severable, the PoP of the funding document shall be commensurate with the PoP of the project, or longer (funds will always be obligated during their period of availability).


Agency Location Code &Treasury Account Symbol

You must include an Agency Location Code (ALC) and a Treasury Account Symbol (TAS) code for each Line of Accounting (LOA).

These codes are required by Defense Financial and Accounting Services (DFAS) to process reimbursements through the Intra-Government Payment and Collection (IPAC) System. In addition, the USAF is required to follow the DoD Financial Management Regulations when funding work in support of a non-DoD agency.


Agreement of Payment

Agreement of payment of the contract administration fee (cost recovery fee) for each contract action requested is required.

"In accordance with the Economy Act, the Requesting Agency will pay a cost recovery charge of $750, assessed for every obligation, de-obligation, and administrative modification per customer and per line of accounting affecting this contract vehicle. The $750 will be deducted directly from the fund cite in Part B.

The Requesting Agency acknowledges that it understands the purpose of the cost recovery charge and agrees to make funds available to pay this cost per transaction."


Do Not Include PWP

The Project Work Plan must not be attached to the funding document. Any reference made to the Project Work Plan should be phrased,

"funding for work to be performed per Work Plan provided under separate cover."

Visit the Funding Documents section to find out what other documents you may need.