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If you are a DoD government sponsoring organization and you are providing non-RDT&E funding, please provide a Justification of Funds (JoF) in addition to your DoD funding document.


Justification of Funds (JoF)

When submitting documents that cite non-RDT&E funds, please submit a justification of funds in the form of a Memorandum for Record (MFR).


                                The MFR must address the following:



Brief but succinct description of the specific work to be performed and supported by these specific funds (please do not provide a copy of the project work plan). Please describe the specific section of work that is going to be supported by non-RDT&E funds;do not describe the project in general terms.



Explain why the type of funds provided is appropriate for this specific purpose.


Financial Regulations/References

Cite the financial regulations/references that allows for such funding to be used in support of this work effort (cite reference from the Department of Defense Financial Management Regulation (DoDFMR) and not from agency specific regulations).


Additional Justification

Provide any additional detailed information that justifies the use of these non-RDT&E funds.



MFR must be signed by an organic Government Budget/Financial representative (non-contractor employee) authorized to sign on behalf of the agency.

Visit the Funding Documents section to find out what other documents you may need.