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ATAM Evaluator Certificate

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What Our Instructors Say

The ATAM Evaluator course uses hands-on exercises with an example system to guide students through the steps of the ATAM.

Phil Bianco

Phil Bianco is a senior member of technical staff at the SEI.

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Phil Bianco

ATAM Evaluator Certificate

Learn to apply a proven method to expose architectural risks that can inhibit the achievement of quality attribute goals and the system’s business or mission goals. 

The ATAM Evaluator Certificate consists of coursework that will increase your knowledge of

  • software architecture fundamentals
  • quality attribute tradeoffs
  • architecture evaluation 

Some courses in this certificate may be taken online or in the classroom; choose training that fits your learning style, schedule, and budget. Explore all course options available for this certificate. 

Value of Architecture Evaluation

The SEI Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) is a proven, effective method for systematically evaluating software architectures for fitness of purpose. The ATAM exposes architectural risks that could inhibit the achievement of quality attribute goals and the system’s business/mission goals. Government and industry organizations have used the ATAM for more than 10 years to improve communication, expose architectural risks, clarify requirements, and produce better systems. 

Learn to Apply a Proven Method

In the ATAM Evaluator Certificate Program, you will first build your understanding of software architecture fundamentals. Next, you will gain knowledge about the ATAM and about how to apply it to evaluate software architectures. Finally, you will learn by doing—you will participate in a simulation exercise that includes the steps, roles and responsibilities, and artifacts associated with the execution of an ATAM.  

Benefits of the SEI ATAM Evaluator Professional Certificate

You and your organization gain when you attain a certificate as an ATAM Evaluator. 

What You Gain

  • skills to apply the Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM), a tool that has been used successfully for more than a decade to systematically evaluate software architectures for fitness of purpose
  • increased knowledge of software architecture fundamentals, quality attribute tradeoffs, and  architecture evaluation
  • a certificate that does not expire
  • the opportunity to work with instructors who created the ATAM
  • association with the SEI and with Carnegie Mellon University

What Your Organization Gains

  • better software architecture, the blueprint for both the product and the project developing it
  • improved planning and execution of the development of software-reliant systems
  • access to a library of tools, techniques, and templates that have helped companies become more market driven
  • promotion of a culture of quality in software development

Planning for Attaining the SEI ATAM Evaluator Certificate

Completing our ATAM Evaluator Certificate is easier than ever, thanks to our course delivery options, including eLearning. The following courses are required in the SEI ATAM Evaluator Certificate program:

Course Name Available in These Formats Duration
Software Architecture: Principles and Practices
2 days (classroom or onsite) or 11 hours of instruction (eLearning)
ATAM Evaluator Training
2 days (classroom or onsite)

In addition to the coursework, you will need to pass an objective assessment of your knowledge of Software Architecture: Principles and Practices.

There is a two-year allowable time period for completing the SEI ATAM Evaluator Certificate program, starting on the date of completing the first course in the certificate sequence.

The certificate never expires.

Earning Your ATAM Evaluator Certificate

Learn Two Key Areas of Knowledge

Explore each course for a detailed view of what you'll learn.
Consider which classroom format is best for you.




1Software Architecture Fundamentals

2Architecture Evaluation

No Certificate Fees, No Expiration

There is no separate fee for the certificate. Fees are associated with the requisite courses and the examination.
There is no expiration for the certificate.

What Certificate Holders Say

The strength of the SEI architecture practices is in their collaborative nature. As a direct result of the SEI classes, I've been able to lead diverse groups of stakeholders through workshops and reviews of complex systems with demanding requirements to refine use-case scenarios and produce robust architectural solutions.

The certificate changed my point of view on software architecture, and I feel more confident in my knowledge.

James Wills, Argon ST

Luis Fernando Castro Careaga, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana