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Software Architecture Professional Certificate

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What Our Instructors Say

No one learns from merely reading a book or sitting through a series of lectures. We learn by doing and, often, by making mistakes. This is a wonderful opportunity to hone your skills as an aspiring architect.

Rick Kazman

Rick Kazman is a senior member of the technical staff at the SEI and co-author of Software Architecture in Practice, 2nd Edition and Evaluating Software Architecture: Methods and Case Studies.

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Rick Kazman

Software Architecture Professional Certificate

Gain the skills to help your organization develop products of unassailable quality that can adapt to changing customer needs, and acquire the experience to enhance your career. 

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The Software Architecture Professional Certificate consists of coursework that will increase your knowledge of

  • software architecture fundamentals
  • attribute-driven design
  • architecture evaluation
  • strategic architecture reuse  

Some courses in this certificate may be taken online or in the classroom; choose training that fits your learning style, schedule, and budget. Explore all course options in this certificate.  

Build Great Systems 

SEI software architecture training emphasizes core principles of architecture that are essential to the success of any software-development strategy, including those that use emerging technologies such as cloud computing, mobile applications, service-oriented architecture, and virtualization. SEI instructors have been developing, advocating, and applying practices for developing high-quality software for decades—practices adopted and validated by leading software-development organizations throughout the world, including the U.S. Army, Logica, Lockheed Martin, and a wide range of organizations in the financial, health care, and energy industries. 

Develop Essential Skills

As a software architecture practitioner, you know that you are working in an industry where complexity is rampant and always increasing. It takes more skills now to deliver the richly featured, high-performing software-reliant products that customers demand. SEI training prepares software architects and others to lead teams, guide the development of today’s increasingly complex systems, and meet the needs of a wide spectrum of users. Courses in the Software Architecture Professional certificate program are based on decades of experience with software-intensive systems and supported by three widely acclaimed practitioner books in the SEI Addison-Wesley Series on Software Engineering.

Benefits of the SEI Software Architecture Professional Certificate

You and your organization gain from your attaining a certificate as a Software Architecture Professional. 

What You Gain 

  • skills to apply architecture-centric engineering practices shown to develop successful software-reliant systems in industries around the world
  • increased knowledge of software architecture fundamentals, attribute-driven design, architecture evaluation, and strategic architecture reuse
  • a certificate that does not expire
  • the opportunity to work with instructors who are leaders in software architecture research and practice
  • association with the SEI and Carnegie Mellon University 

What Your Organization Gains

  • improved planning and execution of software-reliant system development
  • access to a library of tools, techniques, and templates that have helped companies become more market driven
  • promotion of a culture of quality in software development

Planning for Attaining the SEI Software Architecture Professional Certificate

Completing our Software Architecture Professional Certificate is easier than ever, thanks to our course delivery options, including eLearning. The following courses are required in the SEI Software Architecture Professional Certificate program:

Course Name
Available in These Formats
Software Architecture: Principles and Practices
2 days (classroom or onsite) or 11 hours of instruction (eLearning)
Software Architecture Design and Analysis
2 days (classroom or onsite)
Documenting Software Architectures
2 days (classroom or onsite) or 12 hours of instruction (eLearning)

In addition to the coursework, you will need to pass an objective assessment of your knowledge of Software Architecture: Principles and Practices. 

There is a two-year allowable time period for completing the SEI Software Architecture Professional Certificate program, starting on the date of completing the first course in the certificate sequence. 

The certificate never expires.

Earning Your Software Architecture Professional Certificate

Learn Three Key Areas of Knowledge

Explore each course for a detailed view of what you'll learn.
Consider which classroom format is best for you.




1Software Architecture Fundamentals

2 Design and Analysis Concepts and Methods

3 Architecture Documentation

No Certificate Fees, No Expiration

There is no separate fee for the certificate. Fees are associated with the requisite courses and the examination.
There is no expiration for the certificate.

What Certificate Holders Say

The experience of taking and completing the certificate has helped my career very much. It has given me a broader understanding of IT architecture. It has helped me articulate to others what the architecture field is about, what types of things IT architects are concerned about. It has helped me explain to others what the role of architecture is in the IT project lifecycle. . . . The SEI courses allowed me to get out of the day-to-day tasks and offered me a chance to "think outside the box" and share ideas with other professionals.

Obtaining the certificate for Software Architecture Professional (SAP) helped me understand one of the most important aspects of software engineering, which is software architecture. It empowered me to have a commanding role in software design within my company.

It was a wonderful learning experience from SEI professionals and has helped me in my professional career. I have transitioned to the architect role at WELLPOINT INC and have been applying techniques that I picked up from SEI exposure. I also recommend my peers to take part at SEI workshops.

Jack Wellmerling, Consulting IT Architect, CSB - Billing Solutions

Sam Amer, Sr. Software Engineer, VTA, ASM Research, Inc.

Venugopal Yerubandi, Application Architect Sr., Wellpoint, Inc.