Cloudlet-Based Cyber-Foraging to Optimize Resource Consumption

The goal of this project is to optimize resources and increase computation capability of mobile devices by using cloudlets as code-offload elements. Cloudlets are discoverable, localized, stateless servers running one or more virtual machines on which soldiers can offload expensive computations from their handheld mobile devices. Cloudlets enhance processing capacity and conserve battery power while providing ease of deployment in the field.

We define a three-level architecture in which cloudlets are intermediate offload elements that sit between mobile devices and the enterprise cloud. In this architecture, cloudlets are located close to the mobile devices that they serve, for example, in a Tactical Operations Center, vehicle on the ground, or unmanned aerial vehicle flying overhead. This proximity decreases latency and improves network resiliency by using a single-hop network, and it potentially lowers battery consumption by using WiFi or short-range instead of broadband wireless, which typically consumes more energy.

A key attribute of this architecture is that cloudlets are stateless. Communication between the cloudlet and the enterprise cloud is required only during provisioning. Once a cloudlet is provisioned, its connection to the enterprise cloud can be disrupted without affecting offload service to mobile clients. Adding a new offload element or replacing an existing one involves very little setup or configuration effort. In addition, the virtual-machine technology in cloudlets provides greater flexibility in the type and platform of applications and reduces setup and administration time, which is critical for systems at the tactical edge.


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