We are always interested in hearing from groups or individuals who are interested in working with us on problems associated with predictable assembly and trusted components.

Quality by Construction Clinic

This clinic is a focused, two-day interactive workshop for gathering initial information about an organization’s readiness to adopt methods and technology for predictable assembly. The goal of the clinic is to help organizations identify the strengths and weaknesses of their current methods and technologies vis-à-vis predictable assembly and to identify specific opportunities to pilot predictable assembly technology in a practical setting.

Predictability by Construction Starter Engagements

The SEI provides tailored technical assistance to organizations interested in adopting the methods and technology for predictable assembly. Examples of the kinds of assistance offered include

  • upgrading legacy systems to enable predictable assembly: The SEI can help organizations evolve existing software systems and product lines to support the predictable runtime behavior of new (and possibly third-party) system configurations.
  • defining standards for trust and certification of third-party software: The SEI can help organizations understand the value of achieving a specified level of confidence in third-party software behavior and introduce standards and technologies to achieve that level of confidence.
  • introducing software model checking to obtain up-to-provable trust in software: The SEI can help organizations introduce model checking technology to analyze, validate, and potentially certify the correctness of executable design specifications and source code.
  • introducing state-of-the-art performance analysis for a spectrum of real-time performance requirements: The SEI can help organizations introduce performance analysis techniques to make systems predictable for a range of soft to hard real-time performance requirements.
  • developing analysis models and construction rules to guarantee predictable runtime quality: The SEI can help organizations introduce comprehensive solutions for specific runtime quality attributes for high-criticality systems. These solutions range from predictive models to coding rules and their enforcement mechanisms.

Consulting at the SEI

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