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Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University

Publications and References: Languages for Predictable Assemblies

A Basis for Composition Language CL
James Ivers, Nishant Sinha, & Kurt Wallnau
This paper provides a formal interpretation of an abstract component technology. We have since switched from the use of CSP to the more widely used (if less formal) UML statecharts. Nonetheless, the report is foundational, and we've built on it in many ways.

Snapshot of CCL: A Language for Predictable Assembly
Kurt C. Wallnau & James Ivers
This report illustrates in a simple example the basic syntax and semantics of CCL. CCL combines primitives for describing the structural aspects of an assembly of components with a syntax based on UML statecharts for describing detailed component behavior. This combination provides the information needed to predict assembly behavior with respect to several quality attributes (e.g., performance and safety) as well as to generate complete component implementations for the Pin component technology.