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The PrIME Project

The Process Improvement in Multimodel Environments (PrIME) project  will span a breadth of topics that are needed for an organization to be  successful with process improvement in multimodel environments. The  project will concentrate on several subsets of models and standards  that are commonly used in industry, such as Six Sigma, CMMI, Lean, and  Agile methods. (One of the project leaders, Jeannine Siviy of the SEI,  co-authored CMMI and Six Sigma: Partners in Process Improvement, a book describing how CMMI and Six Sigma can be harmonized.)

The SEI has long held a leading role in process improvement  technology research and implementation. This project is an extension of  that leadership and the SEI position as a vendor-neutral trusted  advisor to government and industry organizations.

The PrIME project will deliver on the promise of multimodel process improvement, which includes

  • business, rather than model, focus
  • long-term, sound, and effective organizational approach to technology and model selection
  • cost reduction through economies of scale for all aspects of model implementation, as well as audits and assessments
  • cycle-time reduction for improvement efforts and the realization of performance objectives
  • culture change related to the establishment of enterprise processes, measurement systems
  • process robustness to an ever-evolving and dynamic world of models and regulations

PrIME will focus on different research aspects in each project year.  In each project year, the PrIME project will produce and share with  sponsoring organizations case study results, pilot results, survey  results, training materials, a guidebook that will be updated annually  with new practices and insights, and other publications. Become a project sponsor.



Focus Areas


Strategy, Decision Tools, Selection of Technology Combinations for Study


Technology Decision Guidance, Technology Composition, Appraisal Guidance


Process Architecture, Technology Design, Scalability