Army Software Product Line Workshop

The SEI Army Software Product Line Workshop was held on February 12, 2009 in Orlando, Florida. It was sponsored by the Army Strategic Software Improvement Program (ASSIP) and organized by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI).

At this workshop, participants

  • learned about best practices and recent developments in software product lines
  • shared Army experiences in adopting software product line practices in the DoD acquisition environment
  • discussed ways in which ASSIP can help
  • examined barriers and enablers to much broader adoption of software product line practices within the Army
  • determined the steps needed to make software product line practices more beneficial and relevant to Army programs

Workshop topics included the following:

  • a conceptual approach and example acquisition strategy for acquiring a software product line
  • an approach to product line acquisition planning
  • presentations from representatives of Army programs that have experience with a software product line in the DoD acquisition environment
  • how ASSIP can help provide product line acquisition support
  • facilitated discussion about how software product line practices can be encouraged and put into practice across the Army

For more information, you can view the presentations or read the SEI workshop report.

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