Army/DoD Software Product Line Workshops

The Army/DoD Software Product Line Workshop is an annual forum for presentation and discussion of product line issues as they affect the DoD. It features management and technical briefings as well as working sessions to tackle DoD-specific issues and concerns related to product line adoption and practice.

The invitation-only workshop is typically a one-day meeting with twenty to thirty participants. Participants are invited based on the SEI’s knowledge of their experience with and commitment to software product lines in the DoD. The workshop provides an opportunity to

  • share Army and DoD product line practices, experiences, accomplishments, and issues, from both development and acquisition viewpoints
  • examine barriers and enablers to much broader adoption of software product line practices within the Army and the DoD
  • determine the steps needed to make software product line practices more beneficial and relevant to Army and DoD acquisition programs

Attendees typically include DoD or contractor organization managers, software product or project managers, software product line managers, and software architects.

Discussion topics in recent workshops have included the following:

  • To achieve product line success: What do I (as a supplier) want in a program office? What do I (as an acquisition office) want in a supplier?
  • What’s in it for the supplier? What is needed to incentivize suppliers?
  • What technical evaluation criteria (factors and sub-factors) should the government use in evaluating technical proposals and source selection in a product line acquisition?
  • How do we address intellectual property issues in a product line approach?
  • What measures do we need to demonstrate product line value (e.g., cost savings and return on investment)?

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