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Software Engineering Institute ... Read More. Designing Security Into software-Reliant Systems. ... Goto Fail & Heartbleed: Two Case Studies for Predicting Software Assurance. ... - 64k - 2015-05-12
About Us | Our Organization | Software Solutions Division ... ... software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University. Software ... Software Engineering Measurement and Analysis. Measurement ... - 55k - 2014-09-03
Software Architecture | Overview software architecture serves as the blueprint for both the system and the project developing it. Learn ... Software Architecture. Quality ... - 96k - 2015-05-16
About Us | Our Organization | Software Solutions Division Led by Edward H. Deets, the software Solutions Division accelerates innovation in the areas of development, acquisition, and sustainment to ... - 59k - 2014-10-18
Special Report | August 2014 Assuring Software Reliability By Robert J. Ellison This report describes ways to incorporate the analysis of the potential impact of software failures--regardless of their cause--into development and acquisition practices through the use of software assurance. - 64k - 2014-08-15
White Paper | November 2009 System of Systems Software Assurance By John B. Goodenough This white paper describes SEI investigation into ways to provide justified confidence that a system of systems will behave as needed in its actual and evolving usage environments. - 65k - 2009-11-02
Curriculum Module | July 1989 Intellectual Property Protection For Software By Pam Samuelson, Kevin M. Deasy In this curriculum module, the authors provide an overview of the U.S. intellectual property laws that govern software creation, allocation, and enforcement. - 65k - 1989-07-01
About Us | Our Organization | Software Solutions Division ... Team software Process (TSP) and Personal Software Process (PSP) provide a roadmap for organizations and individuals to follow on the road to ... - 42k - 2015-03-06
Software Product Lines | Overview The SEI's software Product Lines website includes product line research, education, and services for promoting the product line approach to ... - 63k - 2014-05-08
SEI Training | Certificates | Software Architecture Certificate ... A software professional earns the SEI Software Architecture Professional Certificate by completing four courses in software architecture concepts ... - 35k - 2013-08-30