SEPG Asia-Pacific 2010

17-19 August 2010 | Bangalore, India


17-18 August

SEPG Asia-Pacific 2010 delegates will have the opportunity to participate in two one-day tutorials on the SEI CMMI Version 1.3 and the SEI CMMI for Services models. 

CMMI V1.3—What’s New?, D. Michael Phillips, CMMI Program Manager at the SEI

This six-hour tutorial held on 17 August will cover the growth in capabilities captured by the expanded product suite, the increased focus on performance results from process improvement, and will include a wide ranging dialogue on issues and opportunities as the CMMI Product Suite continues its evolution as a tool for business performance improvement. 

This tutorial is not intended to introduce CMMI to those unfamiliar with earlier versions, but does not demand detailed knowledge for value across the three current domains of interest (system and software development, acquisition of products and services, and service delivery.)

Agenda – Morning:
•    Overview of Process Improvement using CMMI
•    Adoption of CMMI worldwide
•    Performance results using CMMI
•    Fit with other models and standards

Agenda – Afternoon:
•    Detailed Discussion of V1.3 changes
•    Global Changes to all Constellations
•    CMMI-DEV specific changes
•    CMMI-ACQ specific changes
•    CMMI-SVC specific changes
•    Appraisal and Training changes
•    Understanding how changes are relevant for High-Maturity Organizations
•    Open discussion

CMMI for Services (CMMI-SVC) Overview, Eileen Forrester, CMMI SVC Team Lead, SEI

This six-hour tutorial will held on 18 August will cover CMMI for Services (CMMI-SVC), which helps service provider organizations reduce costs, improve quality, and improve on-time performance. The tutorial will include an overview of the model content, the results and status of CMMI-SVC use to date, opportunities for users and partners, and what’s coming this year. CMMI-SVC V1.3 will be released in November of 2010, and delegates will get an early look at the planned changes for CMMI-SVC. Depending on the needs of delegates, exercises will also be conducted to help them understand how to apply the material in their context.

This tutorial is designed to meet the needs of both beginners or experienced users of the CMMI methodology.

Agenda – Morning:
•    Overview of CMMI-SVC
•    Early Use of CMMI-SVC
•    Fit with other models such as ITIL, ISO, and COBIT

Agenda – Afternoon:
•    Detailed Discussion of CMMI-SVC content
•    CMMI-SVC incorporating changes of CMMI V1.3
•    Understanding CMMI-SVC Relevant to High-Maturity Organizations
•    Future Plans for CMMI-SVC
•    Advice for Implementation of CMMI-SVC
•    Qualifications for Teaching CMMI-SVC or Conducting CMMI-SVC-Based Appraisals

19 August

The third day of the conference will start the NASSCOM Quality Summit Workshop where delegates will hear two engaging panel discussions. The first will feature SEI CEO and Director Paul Nielsen, senior leaders of NASSCOM, and leaders from the Indian industries discussing current trends affecting Indian IT companies. SEI senior technical staff members will lead a second panel discussion about technical developments in software process improvement at the SEI.

NASSCOM Quality Summit Workshop Agenda

08.45-09.30: Registration

09.30-09.50: Opening Remarks

09.50-10.30: Session 1: Keynote: Driving Business Excellence

In the new and emerging global economy, business excellence parameters are reset and require IT industry to innovate and set new standards. As globalization has become a norm it becomes important to leverage, global talent pool and drive business excellence by managing quality on different aspects such people, processes, customer and stakeholder satisfaction. Emerging business and technology trends also give ample opportunity to collaborate and co-innovate with industry thought leaders and practitioners across the globe. The session would provides insights on:  

  • Different quality models to support driving business excellence.
  • Challenges around these models which is needed for us to be able to use them effectively in assessing our progress towards our vision as models may not offer direct solutions.
  • Different assessment and governance framework for our business scenario. 
  • How to balance from quality focus getting too prohibitive in you innovating and changing according to market trends. 
  • Leverage of technology trends such as web 2.0 processes into mainstream business processes workflows to improve the quality of your process

10.30-11.30: Session 2: CEO Insights: Redefining Quality in Building a Transformative Organization

Now that certifications have become part of company hygiene, businesses are redefining their quality benchmark. Today they have to address a different set of questions. Is the process improvement making a difference to the bottom line? Is this improvement measurable, and more importantly, is it sustainable in the long run? Also, quality is no longer a single department function. Companies are struggling to mobilize it across the length and breadth of the company. It’s time to step back and find out if quality is a part of your organizational DNA? And there are the related paradoxes on how to balance cost cutting with uncompromising quality. Join the experts in discussing the changing face of quality thread bare where the emphasis is on results rather than compliance.

11.30-12.00: Tea Break

12.00-13.00: Session 3: Addressing Quality in a People-Driven Organization

In a world of controls and processes and work-practices, backed by tools and automation to avoid errors, do we underplay the role of people How do people-centric companies arrive at a quality quotient that is attainable and measurable and yet remains humane? Happier people make a more productive workforce, so hear the panel explore how companies need to define quality vis-à-vis workforce delight.

13.00-14.00: Lunch

14.00-15.00: Session 4: The SEI CMMI Product Suite: A Tool for Business Performance Management and Improvement

India has long been an early-adopter of the CMMI models and has embraced the concepts of both CMMI Version 1.3 and CMMI for Services.  The focus of this panel session is to engage in a dialogue of what’s new as the SEI CMMI Product Suite continues its evolution as a tool for business performance management and improvement. SEI Panelists will not only discuss the capabilities captured by the expanded CMMI V1.3 product suite in system and software development, acquisition of products and services, and service delivery,  but will also discuss an integrated approach for performance measurement and management through the use of the CMMI models, the Team Software Process, and the Six Sigma Measurement Framework.

15.00-16.00: Session 5: Benchmarking

Benchmarking is one of the most effective management tools that is used on the journey to business excellence. It helps organizations to find out where they stand, to understand the performance gaps vis-a-vis best-in-class and to identify high performance practices for bridging the gap.

The Indian IT-BPO sector has grown at a phenomenal pace in the past decade, adopting best practices across its entire sphere of operations. As the industry evolves into its next phase of growth, benchmarking will play a critical role to help organizations understand the drivers of cost optimization, operational excellence, innovation and process transformation.

This session will focus on relevant experiences and approaches on benchmarking that are useful for driving business excellence. It will also focus on key practices and critical success factors that would help in overcoming benchmarking challenges by IT / ITeS organizations.

16.00-16.30: Tea Break

16.30-17.30: Session 6: Emerging Technology Trends and the Impact on IT Sector - and What is Next

Emerging technologies like Cloud, Web 2.0, SaaS and Mobile computing brings a lot of promise for business community. As the adoption of these platforms increase we can see significant improvement in consistency of business processes and re-use of best practices which should help service delivery. As much as it is an opportunity, it also poses new types of challenges like data security, compliance to global legal requirements, lack of standards and best practices and not the least, the change in mind sets that are required with what is proprietary and what is not. Do our existing standards and best practice models cover aspects such as pertaining to certification of private / public clouds, security, BCP, and migration of process / IT applications in clouds? As a CIO /CTO where do you see the focus should be for IT professionals in delivery quality to drive business excellence in this changing industry? Are there any opportunities for IT professionals such as leveraging virtual communities for improving business effectiveness?

17.30-18.15: Networking

Special SEPG Asia-Pacific 2010 Post-Conference Offering: CMMI for Services Instructor Orientation Session 

In addition to the SEPG Asia-Pacific 2010 Conference, a two-day CMMI for Services Instructor Orientation Session will be held on Friday, 20 August 2010 and Saturday, 21 August 2010 in Bangalore, India. 

The Orientation Session will be open to a limited number of registrants. This Orientation Session will review the Intro to CMMI for Services v1.2 course format, organization, materials, and exercises for new course instructors

Each registrant must complete a scenario prior to attendance at the Orientation Session. Candidates should be ready to use and present information on their scenario during the Orientation Session.

The SEI is offering special reduced conference pricing for the Orientation Session. For additional details, please contact SEI Customer Relations ( or by calling +1 412 268 5800.


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