Sepg north america 2009 makes a powerful impact

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Process champions from around the world gathered in San Jose for the 21st Annual SEPG North America 2009 conference March 23-26, 2009.

The stellar lineup of truly phenomenal keynote speakers inspired attendees in the morning and got everyone talking. Attendees packed into the sessions (some were standing room only) to learn about a wide range of process management topics. From multi-model environments to high maturity to ROI to measurement and analysis, the powerful technical sessions presented by passionate speakers fueled each attendee’s own performance improvement journey with results, ideas, and solutions. Some of the most popular and well-attended were the Peer2Peer sessions, where attendees talked in-depth with their colleagues about topics like TSP, Agile and CMMI, and achieving stakeholder buy-in.

Attendees networked during the meals, breaks, and receptions, catching up with old friends, meeting new ones, and bouncing ideas and thoughts off each other. The world-class sponsors and exhibitors who lead the industry in supporting process management based performance improvement rounded out the SEPG conference experience.

Attendees at the SEPG North America 2009 conference voted the following 10 sessions the best at the conference. Congratulations to the presenters of the Top 10 sessions!

    • Achieving Agile High Maturity with Kanban – David Anderson
    • Earned Value Explained – Noopur Davis and Darryl Davis
    • New Directions in Risk: A Success-Oriented Approach – Audrey Dorofee and Christopher Alberts
    • SPI Implementation Barriers: Then, Now, and Future Strategies – Byron Fiman and Stan Rifkin
    • The CMMI Guide to the Perplexed – Hillel Glazer
    • Baselines and Models: Duh, I Don't Get It! – Diane Mizukami-Williams
    • Pathological Box-Checking: The Dark Side of Process Improvement – Judah Mogilensky
    • Lessons Learned From Applying An Assurance Focus to CMMI  – Margaret Nadworny and Michele Moss
    • Eat Your Own Dog Food: Applying the CMMI to the Process Improvement Project – Patrick O’Toole
    • Crawl-Walk-Jog-Run: Evolving Measurement Capabilities – David Quinn

    Check out photos from the conference on our Flickr page and download the SEPG Today newsletters that include highlights from each day of the conference:

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