SEPG North America 2011

March 21-24, 2011 | Portland, Oregon

SEPG North America 2011 Program is Now Available

Explore the Program

Please click here to view the SEPG North America 2011 program in a variety of ways:

  • Program at a Glance: this shows a day-by-day listing of sessions and the track to which each session belongs. The Program at a Glance also offers the ability to filter by a track.
  • Event Guide: this provides two lists of the SEPG North America 2011 sessions: one tab is grouped by day, the other is grouped by session type.
  • Speaker Catalog: this provides an alphabetical list of all presenters and their affiliations.
  • Session Catalog: this offers a list of sessions with the ability to filter by session type, technical level, persona, and day.

Daily Conference Activities

Here is a snapshot of the daily conference activities:

Sunday, March 20: first-timers' orientation

Monday, March 21: tutorials, professional development workshops, exhibitor set-up and exhibit hall grand opening

Tuesday, March 22: keynote presentations, technical presentations, exhibit hall, gala reception

Wednesday, March 23: keynote presentations, technical presentations, exhibit hall

Thursday, March 24: technical presentations, professional development workshops

Technical Program Preview

In accordance with this year's theme, The Power of Process, the SEPG North America 2011 technical program will focus on leveraging the power of process improvement. The four-day conference program will include a total of 13 tracks that cover a wide variety of topics via more than 100 presentations. 

The robust conference program will offer all who attend smart ways to gain a competitive edge from performance improvement and training opportunities to increase their value to current and future employers.The topics address the interests of new professionals and seasoned practitioners alike whose job function includes appraisals, management, team/project leaders, process consultants, multi-model advocates, and more.

Now that the conference program is posted on our website (and during the conference), you can review the sessions and choose the ones that are targeted to your specific area of interest. Click here to review the list of personas to whom SEPG North America 2011 is focused.

Conference Topics

To give a preview, here are descriptions of the topics that will comprise the enriching program, which will be released in early January 2011:

Business Value, Benefits, & Impact

Learn more about managing and monitoring the bottom line through process improvement.

  • Creating a value-added environment
  • Identifying and communicating the return on investment through process improvement
  • Aligning and communicating business objectives for optimal process improvement
  • Improving IT outsourcing using CMMI
  • Measuring and communicating benefits, impacts, and performance results
  • Benefits and challenges of high-maturity organizations
  • Bottom line benefits of a multi-model approach

People, Teams, & Workforce

Explore how to develop and motivate teams and workforce.

  • Measuring team and workforce capability and capacity
  • The role of people, process, technology, and culture in process improvement
  • Enhancing process capability through workforce capability
  • Benefits of developing high-performing and effective teams
  • Process improvement teams in small-and-medium settings

Moving Fast, Saving Money

Hear from experts about how to make the most of CMMI.

  • Sustaining improvement
  • Benefits of and lessons learned from using tools and services in process improvement efforts
  • PPQA as more than the " process police." How to add value, beyond compliance, and minimize the audit effort while maximizing the impact/benefit of the outcome of doing the audits
  • How to improve the requirements process and configuration management
  • The role of Organizational Process Focus in Organizational Improvement Efforts

Combining Models

Find out more about combining models, frameworks, and standards.

  • How to implement a multi-model, framework, standard approach improvement program (i.e., CMMI and Agile, CMMI and ISO, CMMI and Malcolm Baldrige, CMMI and People CMM)
  • Benefits and lessons learned from combining maturity models, frameworks, and standard approaches
  • Synergies between models, frameworks, and standard approaches

How'd They Do That?

Hear expert insights about getting started and being successful in process improvement.

  • Getting started with process improvement: techniques and tools for new process improvement professionals
  • Deployment and adoption
  • How to deal with process improvement challenges and setbacks
  • Getting process improvement buy-in from executives, managers, and the workforce
  • How to identify return on investment measures for new process improvement programs
  • Lessons learned and tips on the secret of success in process improvement
  • Move fast, save money, and deliver quality


Learn more about preparing for and surviving appraisals.

  • Approaches and support for process appraisal
  • Process appraisal issues: communicating process capability effectively/objectively
  • Performance benchmarking to Supplement Process Capability Assessment
  • Differences among appraisal classes and techniques
  • Approaches for making process appraisal easier on team members and the organization being appraised
  • When to use internal versus external appraisers
  • Building useful process appraisal documentation

High Maturity

Get more information on achieving and maintaining high maturity practices.

  • Innovative approaches to improvement planning and management for high maturity
  • Benefits and challenges of high maturityPerformance benchmarking
  • Approaches to sustaining/maintaining high-maturity improvement
  • The tools of high maturity
  • Differentiating between high-maturity suppliers
  • What's next beyond maturity level 5
  • Building useful process appraisal documentation

Small Settings

Explore topics related to process improvement in small settings.

  • Differences in small PROJECT process improvement versus small ENTERPRISE improvement
  • Staffing a process improvement team with a mix of internal/external staff
  • Innovative approaches to improvement planning and management to support small environments
  • Can process improvement be outsourced?
  • Sharing process improvement resources among different organizations/companies
  • Service-oriented approaches in a small environment


Explore topics related to process improvement in service settings.

  • Implementing CMMI for Services
  • Differences in PROJECT process improvement versus Service improvement
  • Process Improvement in IT operations
  • E-services/web services engineering improvement

Changing Behavior

It's not just a better mousetrap – explore issues related to changing behavior.

  • Identifying and changing behaviors
  • Motivating change
  • Dealing with resistance
  • Adoption issues (NIMBY, WIIFMs, and other roadblocks)

Professional Development

Gain insights on professional development topics.

  • Professional development activities
  • Maintaining certification
  • Change agent skills

Resilience & Cyber Security

Gain insights about topics related to resilience and cyber security.

  • Security and dependability
  • Systems engineering
  • Architecture
  • Risk management
  • Simulation and predictive modeling

To Infinity and Beyond

  • Future trend/technologies
  • Strategic planning

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