13th International Software
Product Line Conference (SPLC)

August 24–28, 2009 | Airport Marriott, San Francisco, CA, USA

Workshop on Scalable Modeling Techniques for Software Product Lines (SCALE 2009)


Modeling techniques play essential roles in software product line development (PLD), and various modeling techniques have been proposed so far. However, some of these techniques are not actually usable in the industries, due to the lack of scalability. Although modeling techniques are essentially for reducing scale and complexity, further development of techniques are indispensable to manage the scale and complexity we are confronting today. Especially in PLD, the problem becomes more serious, because we have to model target domains, requirements, architectures, and designs along with complicated variabilities and configurations— which is especially challenging if the product line is service based We thus need scalable modeling techniques that can handle such spatial and temporal complexity and service orientation, based on careful study of actual modeling problems in industries.

The objective of this workshop is to bring together both researchers and practitioners to discuss the strengths and limitations of the current modeling techniques for supporting large-scale and service-based PLD. The workshop will provide a forum to share ideas and experiences about the current modeling approaches and to identify the future research directions related to scalable modeling techniques for PLD. We expect that this workshop will deepen mutual understanding among researchers and practitioners and promote the development of scalable modeling techniques usable in the field.

Important Dates

Submission Deadline: June 1, 2009
Notification of Acceptance: June 15, 2009
Camera-Ready Version: July 1, 2009

Contact Information

Tomoji Kishi, faculty of science and engineering, Waseda University, Japan

For more information, go to the SCALE 2009 workshop homepage.

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Organizing Committee Members

General Chair: Dirk Muthig, Lufthansa Systems Passenger Services GmbH

Program Chair: John McGregor, Clemson University, USA

Industry Track:
* Paul Jensen, Overwatch, USA
* Kentaro Yoshimura, Hitachi, Japan
* Michael Schumpelt, ETAS, Germany

Workshops: Jaejoon Lee, Lancaster University, UK

Demonstrations & Posters: Ronny Kolb, Honeywell, Switzerland

Tutorials: Gary Chastek, Software Engineering Institute, USA

Doctoral Symposium: Eduardo Santana de Almeida, C.E.S.A.R., Brazil

Publicity: Pat Donohoe, Software Engineering Institute, USA

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