TSP Symposium 2011

September 19-22, 2011 | Atlanta, GA

Keynote Speakers

Capers Jones

Capers JonesCapers Jones is currently the president and CEO of Capers Jones & Associates LLC.  He is also the founder and former chairman of Software Productivity Research LLC (SPR).  He holds the title of Chief Scientist Emeritus at SPR. Jones founded SPR in 1984.

Before founding SPR, Jones was assistant director of Programming Technology for the ITT Corporation at the Programming Technology Center in Stratford, Connecticut. He was also a manager and researcher at IBM in California.

Jones is a well-known author and international public speaker. Some of his books have been translated into six languages. All of his books are translated into Japanese and his newest books are available in Chinese editions as well.  

Among his book titles are Patterns of Software Systems Failure and Success (Prentice Hall 1994), Applied Software Measurement, 3rd edition; (McGraw Hill 2008), Software Quality: Analysis and Guidelines for Success (International Thomson 1997), Estimating Software Costs, 2nd edition (McGraw Hill 2007), and Software Assessments, Benchmarks, and Best Practices (Addison Wesley Longman 2000).  The third edition of his book Applied Software Measurement was published in the spring of 2008.

His most recent book was Software Engineering Best Practices which was published by McGraw Hill in October of 2009. Jones’s next book will be an Encyclopedia of Software Quality, also for McGraw Hill with Dr. Bill Curtis as a co-author. In addition to his technical books, Jones has also received recognition as an historian after the publication of The History and Future of Narragansett Bay in 2006 by Universal Publishers.

Jones and his colleagues have collected historical data from more than 600 corporations and more than 30 government organizations. This historical data is a key resource for judging the effectiveness of software process improvement methods.  More than 13,000 projects have been reviewed.  This data is also widely cited in software litigation in cases where quality, productivity, and schedules are part of the proceedings. Jones has worked as an expert witness in 15 software-related lawsuits dealing with breach of contract and also with software tax issues.     

Jones is an international speaker who has served as the keynote speaker at the annual Japanese Symposium on Software Testing in Tokyo, the International Function Point Users Group (IFPUG), the World Congress of Quality, and the opening of the Singapore chapter of the Project Management Institute. Jones also speaks at internal corporate events for companies such as IBM, Satyam, Hewlett Packard, and many others.

His research studies include quality estimating, quality measurement, software cost and schedule estimation, software metrics, and risk analysis.

Jones has consulted at more than 150 large corporations and also at a number of government organizations such as NASA, the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, Internal Revenue Service, and the U.S. Courts. He has also worked with several state governments.


James Over

James OverJames W. Over, who has been with the SEI since 1987, is manager of the TSP Initiative and is a senior member of the technical staff for the Software Engineering Process Management Program.

Over has led SEI’s TSP Initiative since its inception, transitioning the TSP into organizations in the United States and abroad. He has received the SEI Director’s Award for Excellence, the SEPM Director’s award for Quality Innovation, and an award from Boeing Corporation for innovation and leadership in software process improvement.

He has more than 35 years of technical and management experience in the software engineering industry. Over is the co-author of Leadership, Teamwork, & Trust (2011) and several SEI publications on software process definition and improvement.

Carl Wyrwa

Carl WyrwaCarl Wyrwa is director of quality, with a focus on software, at Beckman Coulter, Inc. located in Brea, California. He has been involved in the development of software-controlled medical devices for more than 36 years. His responsibilities have included medical device software management and development, medical device software quality assurance, software standardization, 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, and the management of worldwide information systems and services. 

Wyrwa is a member of the advisory committee and instructor for the medical product development certificate program offered through the University of California, Irvine extension program.

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