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Process Improvement at the Edges

  • December 18, 2008
  • By Ray C. Williams
  • In this 2008 webinar, SuZ Garcia discusses approaching CMMI and other model-based improvements by applying solutions from very small organizations to large multi-organizations.
  • CMMI Process Improvement
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    Process improvement is a well-established business competitiveness strategy for medium and large enterprises in a number of industries critical to the global economy. But process improvement is challenging "at the edge," especially for very small organizations and in multi-organization collaborations common in systems-of-systems settings. At both of these edges, there are challenges. Some of these are different, but some are surprisingly similar. SuZ Garcia has successfully worked on process improvement "in the small" and is now translating strategies from small and traditional settings into systems of systems. She will share insights on approaching CMMI and other model-based improvements drawn particularly from small settings, with a focus on how solutions from the very small can also support improvement in the very large, multi-organizational setting.