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SoS Architecture Evaluation and Quality Attribute Specification

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    A system of systems (SoS) can experience costly rework, schedule overruns, and the failure to achieve performance goals,from problems that surface late in the development life cycle or after the SoS is in operation. One prominent reason for these severe integration and operational problems is inconsistency, ambiguity, and omission in addressing quality attributes in SoS architectures (and in their constituent system/software architectures). Examples of quality attributes are performance, availability, reliability, security, safety, and interoperability.

    About the Speaker

    Senior researcher Mike Gagliardi shares an SoS architecture definition and evaluation approach that involves stakeholders in augmenting end-to-end mission threads with quality attribute considerations. This approach yields architectural challenges and risks that can be mitigated earlier in the development life cycle, when they are much less expensive to resolve.