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CERT Division

The CERT Division is a national asset in the field of cybersecurity that is recognized as a trusted, authoritative organization dedicated to improving the security and resilience of computer systems and networks. The CERT Division regularly partners with government, industry, law enforcement, and academia to develop advanced methods and technologies to counter large-scale, sophisticated cyber threats.

Because the CERT Division is located within the SEI, the majority of its work contributes to government and national security efforts. The CERT Division works closely with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to meet mutually set goals in areas such as data collection and mining, statistics and trend analysis, computer and network security, incident management, insider threat, software assurance, and more.

Through its operationally relevant cybersecurity research, innovative and timely responses to cybersecurity challenges, and broad transition to our stakeholder communities, the CERT Division develops, executes, and evolves a technical agenda that brings unique solutions to cybersecurity challenges that measurably improve the security of the cyber environment.

For more information about the CERT Division and details of its work, see the CERT website.