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Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University

System of Systems Practice

Success in today’s interconnected world requires that distributed systems work together in network-centric operations and systems of systems environments. However, systems of systems are difficult to acquire, develop, test, operate, and evolve.

In the System of Systems Practice (SoSP) Initiative, we develop means to successfully engineer systems of systems, rather than stand-alone systems, including

  • validated methods for the cost-effective migration to new environments from multiple legacy systems
  • proven, risk-reducing practices in architecture and design, testing and certification, and identity management and security for service-oriented architecture (SOA) environments
  • realistic, experience-based SoS governance and acquisition strategies that help organizations avoid common failures and follow a path for success in an SoS environment throughout the life cycle
  • context-based analysis of the viability of technologies in an organization’s SoS setting

How We Can Help

Led by Ed Morris, the SoSP initiative helps organizations to investigate SoS problems, whether in support of a government acquisition or of software development. In particular, we can help to

  • overcome cross-organizational SoS engineering and organizational challenges
  • migrate legacy systems to a SOA environment
  • evaluate technologies appropriate for SoS implementation
  • use SOA in technically constrained or highly distributed situations

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