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Andrew O. Mellinger

Professional Background

Andrew O. Mellinger joined the SEI Innovation Center in April of 2012 as a Software and Information Architect.  Mellinger has a passion for transitioning and operationalizing software and hardware research, with a history in a wide variety of areas such as device drivers, color and video processing applications, embedded systems for robotics, radiation oncology visualization and treatment, and near-real-time command and control situational awareness platforms. As well as providing development support, Mellinger provides project topsight through the entire software development lifecycle with a particular emphasis on using Lean and Agile philosophies and methods, and Human Centered Design. Mellinger enjoys the challenge and uncertainty of navigating the tradeoffs in research, design, development, people and process to achieve success and provide value to all the involved stakeholders. He also has a passion for software infrastructure and architecture, and teaches distance software architecture classes for the MSE program at CMU. Mellinger’s most recent role was lead architect for the next generation of thin-client and mobile command and control platforms, for the Army's evolution of Command Post of the Future (CPOF), through General Dynamics C4 Systems. Prior to that, he led a team to deliver a partition tolerant, highly available, scalable data storage and replication service for distributed tactical networks for the CPOF program for GDC4S. Mellinger has his undergraduate degree in physics from the College of Wooster, and his Master of Software Engineering from CMU. A western Pennsylvania native, he enjoys spending time away from work with his family and his too many hobbies.


Professional Memberships

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