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Kenneth E. Nidiffer

Kenneth E. Nidiffer

Director of Strategic Planning for Government Programs

Key Responsibilities

Dr Kenneth E. Nidiffer uses his management and technical leadership skills to build integrated product teams and his hands-on experience to solve complex technical problems. Ken creates a long-term focus to identify the technical needs and improvement opportunities in the government He then leverages his advanced knowledge in several areas of specialization in support of strategic engagements with government organizations. As Director of Strategic Planning, Ken also uses his technical capabilities, experience and knowledge of SEI products and services to define and develop a technical strategy for the SEI’s Programs. He then develops a framework that will enable the SEI to more effectively identify technical opportunities to integrate and transition SEI’s technology into acquisition programs. Ken is currently working on a project to improve his customer’s ability in acquiring products and services

Publications (recent or significant)

  • Addressing Software Engineering Challenges Over the Years and Into the Future, Software Tech, Vol. 10, No. 3, Department of Defense Information Analysis Center, October 2007.
  • IEEE Software Management, Seventh Edition, Editor: Reifer, Donald, J., two articles, August, 2006, ISBN-13 987-0471-77562-1 and ISBN-10-471-77562-2
  • “Evolving Distributed Project Management”, special issue IEEE Software, Sept/Oct 2005, Nidiffer and Doland
  • CMMI SCAMPI Distilled, Addison-Wesley, March 2005, ISBN: 0-32-122876-6 , Nidiffer et. al
  • Selection Of Investment Strategies Which Are Optimal For The Implementation Of Software Support Environments With Particular Attention To DoD, D.Sc. Dissertation, 14 February 1988, George Washington University
  • Software Extension to the Project Managers Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), ISBN-13: 9781628250138, Project Management Institute and IEEE, October 2013
  • Software Assurance (SwA) R&D Strategy Recommendations for DoD (Draft), White Paper  prepared for the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (OSD(R&E), November 23, 2013, CMU/SEI 2013
  • “Enabling Success via Applying Modern Software Engineering Processes, Methods and Technologies in the Rapid Acquisition of Operational Capabilities”, Software Technology Conference, March 2014
  • Potential Use of Agile Methods in Selected DoD Acquisitions: Requirements Development and Management, Technical Note: CMU/SEI-2013-TN-006–April 2014
  • Developing the Next Generation of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Competency Framework (Paper), International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE), International Workshop, 30 June – 4 July, 2014, Los Vegas, NV


  • MS, Aerospace
  • MBA, Business
  • PhD, Systems Engineering

Professional Memberships

  • AIAA
  • IEEE
  • PMI

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