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Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University

Pilot Project: Options Analysis for Reengineering

Options Analysis for Reengineering (OAR) is a systematic, architecture-centric method for identifying and mining reusable software components within large and complex software systems. This method identifies potential reusable components and analyzes the changes that would be needed to rehabilitate them for reuse within a software product line or new software architecture. OAR focuses on guiding the crucial decisions of which components to mine, and the cost, effort and risks associated with each mining option.

The Acquisition Support Program (ASP) is sponsoring a pilot of OAR with the Future Combat Systems (FCS) program. This pilot is adapting the OAR method to apply to a situation in which a Lead System Integrator (LSI) makes decisions on evaluating competing suppliers estimates of feasibility, cost, risk and schedule for mining legacy software. OAR provides the FCS LSI with an effective means to quickly evaluate whether competing suppliers can effectively mine existing software assets for use in their system, or whether these assets need to be newly developed.


  • Extend the OAR method to an environment where a single Lead System Integrator (LSI) makes decisions on potentially reusable components from a large variety of legacy systems
  • Support FCS as it makes crucial decisions on the reusability of components
  • Demonstrate how OAR can contribute to core assets in an FCS product line

Desired Results

  • A version of OAR adapted for an acquisition setting with an LSI and multiple suppliers
  • An analysis of candidate components from a potential supplier for FCS
  • A case study that will highlight the results for other DoD organizations


Technical Note Application of Options Analysis for Reengineering (OAR) in a Lead System Integrator (LSI) Environment, CMU/SEI-2003-TN-009.