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Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University

Getting Started

Acquiring software-intensive systems that work on their first promised date is a national imperative. The Software Engineering Institute has worked with industry and government to develop process improvement models to address the unique demands and challenges of acquisition.

The Basics ... And More

Getting started in acquisition will be a different experience for every person, program, or team that attempts. What is common to all, however, is a need to understand and have access to the fundamental body of knowledge that underpins federal acquisition programs. The SEI has spent more than 20 years building that collection of knowledge and expertise, and much of it is available on or through this website.

In this section, you'll find

One great place to start is the award-winning The Adventures of Ricky and Stick, a book on acquisition. Written and illustrated more like a comic than a stuffy technical paper, Ricky and Stick gives a great overview of the most critical lessons in acquisition.

The SEI also helps those new to acquisition through a broad array of courses, workshops, and personal engagements with SEI experts. Call or write to us today for more information on how we can help.