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Below are SEI materials related to the acquisition of software and software-intensive systems. The SEI has provided hands-on assistance to the acquisition community since 1986.

General Software Engineering Advice

The Joint Program Dilemma: Analyzing the Pervasive Role That Social Dilemmas Play in Undermining Acquisition Success, Moore, Andrew; Novak, William; Cohen, Julie; Marchetti, Jay; and Collins, Matthew. Proceedings of the Tenth Annual Acquisition Research Symposium, Naval Postgraduate School, April 2013.

The Evolution of a Science Project: A Preliminary System Dynamics Model of a Recurring Software-Reliant Acquisition Behavior, Novak, William E, Moore, Andrew P. (CERT) and Alberts, Christopher J., CMU/SEI-2012-TR-001, July 2012

A Closer Look at 804: A Summary of Considerations for DoD Program Managers, Bellomo, Stephany, CMU/SEI-2011-SR-015, December 2011

An Acquisition Perspective on Product Evaluation, Campbell, Levinson, Harry and Librizzi, Richard, CMU/SEI-2001-TN-007, October 2011

A Decision Framework for Selecting Licensing Rights for Noncommercial Computer Software in the DoD Environment, Gross, Charlene, CMU/SEI-2011-TR-014, July 2011

Interoperable Acquisition for Systems of Systems: The Challenges, Smith, James D. II and Phillips, D. Mike, CMU/SEI-2006-TN-034, January 2007

Improving the Acquisition of Software Intensive Systems, Goldenson, Dennis R. and Fisher, Matthew J., CMU/SEI-2000-TR-003,  August 2000

Conference Report: Overcoming the Disincentives to Modernization in the Defense Industry, Hefley, William E., CMU/SEI-88-SR-2, March 1998

Historical Perspectives

Beyond Technology Readiness Levels for Software: U.S. Army Workshop Report, Blanchette, Stephen Jr, Albert, Cecilia and Garcia-Miller, Suzanne, CMU/SEI-2010-TR-044, December 2010

What About Ada? The State of the Technology in 2003, Jim Smith, CMU/SEI-2003-TN-021, August 2003

Seeking the Balance Between Government and Industry Interests in Software Acquisition, Volume I, A Basis for Reconciling DoD and Industry Needs for Rights in Software, Martin, Anne C. and Deasy, Kevin M., CMU/SEI-87-TR-13, June 1987

C4 Software Technology Reference Guide: A Prototype Foreman, John; Gross, Jon; Rosenstein, Robert; Fisher, David; and Brune, Kimberly, January 1997

The Effect of Software Support Needs on the Department of Defense Software Acquisition Policy. Part 1. A Framework for Analyzing Legal Issues , Martin, Anne C. and Deasy, Kevin M., CMU/SEI-87-TR-2, January 1987

Proposal for a NEW "Rights in Software" Clause for Software Acquisitions by the Department of Defense, Samuelson, Pamela; Deasy, Kevin M.; and Martin, Anne C., CMU/SEI-86-TR-002, September 1986

Toward a Reform of the Defense Department Software Acquisition Policy, Samuelson, Pamela, CMU/SEI-86-TR-001, April 1986


Agile Software Teams: How They Engage with Systems Engineering on DoD Acquisition Programs, Wrubel, Eileen; Miller, Suzanne; Lapham, Mary Ann; & Chick, Timothy. Agile Software Teams: How They Engage with Systems Engineering on DoD Acquisition Programs, CMU/SEI-2014-TN-013, July 2014.

Isolating Patterns of Failure in Department of Defense Acquisition, Brownsword, Lisa; Albert, Cecilia, Carney, David; Place, Patrick; Hammons, Charles (Bud); and Hudak, John. CMU/SEI-2013-TN-014, June 2013

DoD Information Assurance and Agile: Challenges and Recommendations Gathered Through Interviews with Agile Program Managers and DoD Accreditation Reviewers, Bellomo, Stephany; Woody, Carol, CMU/SEI-2012-TN-024, November 2012

Agile Methods: Selected DoD Management and Acquisition Concerns, Lapham, Mary Ann; Miller, Suzanne; Adams, Lorraine; Brown, Nanette; Hackermack, Bart; Hammons, Charles "Bud;" Levine, Linda, October 2011

Spiral Development and Evolutionary Acquisition, Hansen, W.J.; Foreman, J.T.; Albert, C.C.; Axelband, E.; Brownsword, L.L.; and Forrester, E.C., CMU/SEI-2001-SR-005, May 2001

Spiral Development - Building the Culture, A Report on the CSE-SEI Workshop, Hansen, W.J.; Foreman, J.T.; Carney, D.J.; Forrester, E.C.; Graettinger; Caroline P.; Peterson, W.C.; and Place. P.R., CMU/SEI-2000-SR-006, February 2000.

Process Models

The Evolution of CMMI Across Multiple Dimensions, Charlene Gross, presented at QUEST (Quality Engineering Software and Testing Conference) Dallas 2010, April 2010

Case Study: IRS Business System Modernization Process Improvement, Anderson, Lloyd; Fisher, Matt; and Gross, Jon, CMU/SEI-2004-TR-002, March 2004

Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPI, Version 1.1: Method Implementation Guidance for Government Source Selection and Contract Monitoring, Barbour, Richard; Benhoff, Melanie; Gallagher, Brian; Eslinger, Suellen; Bernard, Thomas; Ming, Lisa; Rosa, Linda; and Ryan, Charles, CMU/SEI-2002-HB-002, September 2002

SCAMPI Used in Source Selection and Contract Process Monitoring, Barbour, Richard and Bernard, Tom, CMU/SEI-2002-TN-008, April 2002

CMMI for Systems Engineering/Software Engineering/Integrated Product and Process Development/Supplier Sourcing, Version 1.1, Staged Representation (CMMI-SE/SW/IPPD/s, V1.1, Staged), CMMI Product Team, CMU/SEI-2002-TR-012, March 2002

CMMI for Systems Engineering/Software Engineering/Integrated Product and Process Development/Supplier Sourcing, Version 1.1, Continuous Representation (CMMI-SE/SW/IPPD/S, V1.1, Continuous), CMMI Product Team, CMU/SEI-2002-TR-011, March 2002

Software Acquisition Capability Maturity Model (SA-CMM, Version 1.03, Cooper, Jack and Fisher, Matthew J., CMU/SEI-2002-TR-010, March 2002

A Framework for the Specification of Acquisition Models, Meyers, B. Craig and Oberndorf, Patricia, CMU/SEI-2001-TR-004, December 2001

Software Acquisition Improvement Framework (SAIF) Definition, Fisher, Matthew J.; Damer, Ron; Reed, L. Scott; and Barbour, Richard, CMU/SEI-98-TR-003, August 1998

Software Acquisition Process Maturity Questionnaire, Ferguson, Jack; Cooper, Jack; Falat, Michael; Fisher, Matthew J.; Guido, Anthony; Marciniak, John; Matejcek, Jordan; and Webster, Robert, CMU/SEI-97-SR-013, August 1997

Software Capability Evaluation Version 3, Implementation Guide for Supplier Selection, Barbour, Richard, CMU/SEI-95-TR-012, April 1996

Software Engineering Tools and Techniques

Supporting the Use of CERT® Secure Coding Standards in DoD Acquisitions, Morrow, Timothy; Seacord, Robert; Bergey, John; & Miller, Phillip, CMU/SEI-2012-TN-016, July 2012

A Framework for Evaluating Common Operating Environments: Piloting, Lessons Learned, and Opportunities, Albert Cecilia and Rosemergy, Steve, CMU/SEI-2010-SR-025, February 2011

Evaluating the Software Design of a Complex System of Systems, Stephen Blanchette, Jr., Steven Crosson (U.S. Army), Barry Boehm (University of California, Los Angeles), CMU/SEI-2009-TR-023

Profiling Systems Using the Defining Characteristics of Systems of Systems (SoS), Donald Firesmith, CMU/SEI-2010-TN-001, February 2010

Considerations for Using Agile in DoD Acquisition, Mary Ann Lapham, Ray C. Williams, Charles (Bud) Hammons, Daniel Burton, & Fred Schenker, CMU/SEI-2010-TN-002, April 2010

Data Rights for Proprietary Software Used in DoD Programs, Julie Cohen,  Bonnie Troup (The Aerospace Corporation), & Henry Ouyang (The Aerospace Corporation), CMU/SEI-2010-TN-014, April 2010

Risk Management Framework, Christopher Alberts & Audrey Dorofee, CMU/SEI-2010-TR-017, August 2010

ASSIP Study of Real-Time Safety-Critical Embedded Software-Intensive System Engineering Practices, Feiler, Peter H. and de Niz, Dionisio, CMU/SEI-2008-SR-001, February 2008

Schedule Considerations for Interoperable Acquisition, Meyers, B. Craig and Sledge, Carol A., CMU/SEI-2006-TN-035, March 2007

Risk Management Considerations for Interoperable Acquisition, Meyers, B. Craig, CMU/SEI-2006-TN-032, March 2007

The State of Software Measurement Practice: Results of 2006 Survey, Kasunic, Mark, CMU/SEI-2006-TR-009, February 2007

Conditions for Achieving Network-Centric Operations in Systems of Systems, Fisher, David A.; Meyers, B. Craig; and Place, Pat, CMU/SEI-2007-TN-003, January 2007

Topics in Interoperability: Structural Programmatics in a System of Systems, Smith, James D. II, CMU/SEI-2006-TN-037, October 2006

System-of-Systems Governance: New Patterns of Thought, Morris, Ed; Place, Pat; and Smith, Dennis, CMU/SEI-2006-TN-036, October 2006

Mission Assurance Analysis Protocol (MAAP): Assessing Risk in Complex Environments, Alberts, Christopher and Dorofee, Audrey J., CMU/SEI-2005-TN-032, September 2005

Selecting Advanced Software Technology in Two Small Manufacturing Enterprises, Anderson, William; Estrin, Len; and Buhman, Charles, CMU/SEI-2003-TN-020, May 2004

Measuring Systems Interoperability: Challenges and Opportunities, Kasunic, Mark and Anderson, William, CMU/SEI-2004-TN-003, April 2004

An Alternative to Technology Readiness Levels for Non-Developmental Item (NDI) Software, Smith, Jim, CMU/SEI-2004-TR-013, April 2004

Architecture Analysis Techniques and When to Use Them, Barbacci,Mario,CMU/SEI-2002-TN-005,March 2003

Using the Technology Readiness Levels Scale to Support Technology Management in the DoD's ATD/STO Environments, Graettinger, Caroline P.; Garcia-Miller, Suzanne; Siviy, Jeannine; Schenk, Robert J.; and Van Syckle, Peter J., CMU/SEI-2002-SR-027, September 2002

Handbook- Software Acquisition Risk Management Key Process Area (KPA): A Guidebook, Version 1.02. Gallagher, Brian, CMU/SEI-99-HB-002, October 1999

Issues in Tool Acquisition, Zarrella, Paul F.; Smith, Dennis B.; and Morris, Edwin J., CMU/SEI-91-TR-008, September 1991

Product Line Practices and Systems

Software Product Lines: Experiences from the Seventh DoD Software Product Line Workshop, Bergey, John K.; Cohen, Sholom; Donohoe, Patrick; and Jones, Lawrence G. CMU/SEI-2005-TR-001, April 2005

The Structured Intuitive Model for Product Line Economics (SIMPLE), Clements, Paul C.; McGregor, John D.; and Cohen, Sholom G., CMU/SEI-2005-TR-003, March 2005

Software Architecture in DoD Acquisition: A Reference Standard for a Software Architecture Document, Bergey, John K. and Clements, Paul C., CMU/SEI-2005-TN-020, March 2005

Software Architecture in DoD Acquisition: An Approach and Language for a Software Development Plan, Bergey, John K. and Clements, Paul C., CMU/SEI-2005-TN-019, March 2005

Case Study: A Measurement Program for Product Lines, Cohen, Sholom; Zubrow, Dave; and Dunn, Ed, CMU/SEI-2004-TN-023, July 2004

Acquisition Pilot: Product Line Acquisition and Measurement At NUWC, Cohen, Sholom; Dunn, Ed, and Zubrow, Dave, January 2004

Acquisition Pilot: The Application of OAR in a Lead System Integrator Context, Smith, Dennis, January 2004

Application of Options Analysis for Reengineering (OAR) in a Lead System Integrator (LSI) Environment, Bergey, John; O'Brien, Liam; Smith, Dennis, CMU/SEI-2003-TN-009, March 2003

A Software Product Line Vision for Defense Acquisition, Campbell, Grady H., Jr., CMU/SEI-2002-TN-002, June 2002

Case Study: Building and Communicating a Business Case for a DoD Product Line, Sholom Cohen, CMU/SEI-2001-TN-020, April 2001

Developing a Product Line Acquisition Strategy for a DoD Organization: A Case Study, Bergey, John K. and Goethert, Wolfhart B., CMU/SEI-2001-TN-021, April 2001

Book - Software Product Lines: Practices and Patterns, Clements, Paul and Northrop, Linda, ISBN: 0-201-70332-7, 2001. Hardcover, 576 pages. For more information about this book visit the Addison-Wesley website

Guidelines for Using OAR Concepts in a DoD Product Line Acquisition Environment, Bergey, John and Smith, Dennis B., CMU/SEI-2000-TN-004, March 2000

Product Line Acquisition in the DoD: The Promise, The Challenges, Jones, Lawrence G., CMU/SEI-99-TN-011, December 1999

DoD Acquisition Environment and Software Product Lines, The, Bergey, John K.; Fisher, Matthew J.; and Jones, Lawrence G., CMU/SEI-99-TN-004, May 1999

Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method

Using the SEI Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method to Evaluate WIN-T: A Case Study, Clements, Paul; Bergey, John; and Mason, Dave, CMU/SEI-2005-TN-027, September 2005

Use of the Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) in Source Selection of Software-Intensive Systems, Bergey, John K.; Fisher, Matthew J.; and Jones, Lawrence G., CMU/SEI-2002-TN-010, June 2002

Use of the Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) in the Acquisition of Software-Intensive Systems, Bergey, John K. and Fisher, Matthew J., CMU/SEI-2001-TN-009, September 2001

Software Architecture Evaluation with ATAM in the DoD System Acquisition Context, Bergey, John K.; Fisher, Matthew J.; Jones, Lawrence G.; and Kazman, Rick, CMU/SEI-99-TN-012, September 1999

Quality Attribute Workshops

Use of Quality Attribute Workshops (QAWs) in Source Selection for a DoD System Acquisition: A Case Study, Bergey, John K. and Wood, William G., CMU/SEI-2002-TN-013, June 2002