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2003 Conference on the Acquisition of Software-Intensive Systems

The Conference on the Acquisition of Software-Intensive Systems was sponsored by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) and the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics), Defense Systems, Software-Intensive Systems in 2003 and 2004. The conferences provided  an opportunity for government acquisition organization employees, their support agencies (i.e., support contractors, FFRDCs), and federal government contractors to share experiences and insights about acquisition.

Listed below are the presentations made during the 2003 conference. The presentations made at the 2004 conferences are on a separate page.

2003 Conference on the Acquisition of Software-Intensive Systems

January 28, 2003

Title Presenter
Complex Systems of Systems (CSOS): Software Benefits, Risks, and Strategies Barry Boehm and Vic Basili
Rapid and Adaptive System Acquisition Raymond A. Paul
Is There Order or Chaos After 5000? Elliot Chikofsky
Keynote  Address Claude M. Bolton, Jr.
Revitalizing the Software Acquisition Process Mike Nichol
Transforming an Agency in an Inter-agency Environment Charles R. Armstrong
Tri-Service Assessment Initiative Phase 2 Systemic Analysis Results Robert Charette, John J. McGarry and Kristen Baldwin
Experience and Lessons Learned in Applying the Tri-Service Assessment Initiative Process William Bail
Use of Questionnaire-Based Appraisals in Process Improvement Programs John Marciniak and Thomas Sadauskas
The U.K./U.S. Bilateral on Improving Military Software Intensive System Acquisition - A U.K. View Dave Thombs
Refining Software Development Estimation Techniques for the Federal Aviation Administration En-Route Systems Acquisition Jeffrey O'Leary, A. Winsor Brown, Mike Liggan, Martin Merlo, Alok Srivastava, and Robert Leonard
The Incompatibility Between Software Component-Based Development and Present U.K. MoD Procurement Approaches Michael Looney
Software Product Lines in Acquisition Grady Campbell
Lessons Learned on Cooperative Government-Industry Appraisals aka Registered Appraisals Melanie G. Benhoff
The Software Maturity Matrix George R. Winters
Fourteen SCEs Around the World in Less than 40 Days Francois Ouellette and Rick Barbour

January 29, 2003

Title Presenter
Acquisition Practices: Good and Bad Patricia Oberndorf and Pat Place
The State of Practice in DoD Acquisitions,and Some Proposed Alternatives Ted Marz and Jim Smith
Implementing Best Practices in the Joint Battlespace Infosphere (JBI) Program at AFRL Ellen Walker
Software Acquisition Best Practices:Experiences from the Space System Domain Suellen Eslinger
They Keep Moving the Cheese! A Framework for Evolutionary Acquisition of Large Software-Intensive Systems Cecilia Albert and Lisa Brownsword
Software Sustainability and Acquisition Reform: A View from the Bottom David R. Corder

Developing Enterprise-wide Measures for Tracking Acquisition Performance: (Lucero; Goethert)

Wolfhart Goethert, Scott Lucero, and Dave Zubrow
Rapid Improvement Team (RIT) Initiative with GTN 21 - Lessons Learned from GTN 21 Stewart Laing, Dan Eickmeier, John Laychus, and John Bedingfield
SA-CMM in a Large Complex Program Lloyd Anderson and Hugh Gray
A Systems Thinking Approach to Building and Updating C4ISR Architecture Views William  B. Carter
System-of-Systems Architecture and TSPR Contractor Model Jonathan D. Addelston
Enterprise Architecture and COTS-Intensive System Acquisition Strategies Diane  E. Mularz, James D. Smith II, and Duane Hybertson
Reducing System Acquisition Risk with Software Architecture Analysis and Evaluation John K. Bergey, Matt J. Fisher, and Lawrence G. Jones
Enterprise Process Improvement Approach Linda Mills
TRL Corollaries for Practice-Based Technologies Caroline P. Graettinger, Suz Garcia, and Jack Ferguson
The Role of the Revised IEEE Standard Dictionary of Measures of the Software Aspects of Dependability in Software Acquisition Norman F. Schneidewind
Software Regression TestingAlex Hoover
Independent Integrated Verification and ValidationEdgar Dalrymple and Mike Edwards

January 30, 2003

Title Presenter
Managing Software Risks in Software Intensive Systems with Metrics and Measure Robert A. Martin
Measuring Systems Interoperability Mark Kasunic
Defining Acquisition Measures: The Integrated Software Acquisition Metrics (ISAM) Project John W. Mishler and Frank Sisti
NAVAIR/SEI/MITRE Strategic Collaboration Linda Hageman, Terrence Dailey, and John Kennedy
Service Level Agreements: An Approach to Software Life-Cycle Quality Leonard Gaines
eQualite: Quality Assessment of Suppliers Tim Dietz and Nadeem Malik
Software Intensive System Acquisition: Best Practices Mark Maybury, Anita King, and JoAnn Brooks