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The SEI Acquisition Strategy Development Tool (ASDT) can be used to profile a program's software-acquisition characteristics, identify key strategy drivers, identify specific strategic choices, and evaluate how those choices mitigate the program's software risks. Program management offices can use this Excel-based workbook to formulate acquisition strategies for a new program or to evaluate the appropriateness of strategies being executed. In addition, an accompanying technical report, Techniques for Developing an Acquisition Strategy by Profiling Software Risks, provides ASDT users in-depth background information and instructions on how to use the tool to achieve optimal results.

The SEI Quality Assessment of Systems Architecture Requirements (QUASAR) assessment method provides a practical way to determine if a system's architecture, including its subsystem, meets quality requirements. SEI technical staff members help architects formulate claims, build arguments, and gather evidence to demonstrate to the program office and other stakeholders that their architectures possess sufficient quality. 

Related Reports and Articles

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