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Become an SEI-Certified Instructor for Improving Process Performance Using Six Sigma

An Instructor of the Improving Process Performance using Six Sigma (IPPSS) takes a hands-on, problem-solving approach to data analysis, providing participants with a toolkit of analysis methods and leveraging industry best practices such as Six Sigma and Goal-Driven Measurement.

As an SEI-Certified IPPSS Instructor, you’ll reap the rewards of professional recognition through certification, and you’ll add value to your organization. IPPSS Instructors contribute standard practices to organizations by teaching others to

  • explore and navigate data to understand project, process, and product behavior, relationships and trends
  • use analysis methods to remove special causes of variation and stabilize processes
  • select appropriately from among the data analysis methods learned in class

Steps for Earning Your IPPSS Instructor Certification

1. Meet qualification criteria

Before applying to become an SEI-Certified IPPSS Instructor, you must meet all of the following qualification criteria:

Educational Qualifications

  • A BS or BA degree from an accredited or recognized college or university; an MS degree is desirable
  • Successful completion of an authorized version of the SEI’s Improving Process Performance Using Six Sigma
  • Successful completion of at least one college-level course in probability/statistics, an equivalent course, or a certificate from Six Sigma black belt training

Technical and Measurement Experience

  • You must have at least 10 years of overall work experience and with at least 7 years experience working in measurement activity supporting business improvement. These 7 years can include consulting teaching or training organizations in implementing their measurement programs.
  • Submit for review at least one summary description of a DMAIC project your lead which saved an organization at least $50k

Training/Teaching Experience

  • At least 500 hours of instructional experience in delivering technical/measurement topics within the last 10 years
  • Presenter of at least 1 technical paper at a software engineering conference


  • Must speak fluent and clear English

2. Complete training courses

Register and attend an authorized delivery of the Improving Process Performance Using Six Sigma (IPPSS) from the SEI or an authorized SEI Partner.

3. Apply

Complete the application to become an SEI-Certified Instructor for IPPSS. Your application package must include the following:

4. Complete exercises

Demonstrate your understanding of the methodology and concepts used in the IPPSS course by working though the methodology on a specific implementation prior to attending the IPPSS instructor training course. This will be accomplished through completion of a set of exercises.

After you complete Steps 1–3 above, you may request the exercises to be emailed to you by emailing

All documents are evaluated by SEI personnel. If you submit below-average work, the SEI will inform you of remediation steps. If your exercises are approved, you will be invited to attend the instructor trainer course.

5. Complete the instructor training course

During this course, you must be able to demonstrate competency in all performance objectives associated with the course. In particular, you should be prepared to deliver any of the modules from the IPPSS course and to analyze and provide feedback to solutions of the course exercises. The leaders of the instructor course will evaluate your performance using a checklist of expected competencies.

If your performance in the instructor trainer course is deficient, the SEI will either (at the SEI’s sole discretion) (1) recommend appropriate remedial activities that must be completed to continue with the qualification process, or (2) disqualify the candidate with no opportunity for remediation.

Note: A candidate successfully completes the instructor training course for the IPPSS course after demonstrating competency in all performance objectives associated with the course and at the conclusion of formal instructor training or at the satisfactory completion of any required remedial course work for that course.

6. Conduct a course delivery for assessment

You must complete a performance assessment within 12 months of your successful completion of the instructor training course for the IPPSS course. For the performance assessment, SEI staff members will observe your live delivery of a course. You must be able to demonstrate competency in all performance objectives associated with the course delivery. The SEI will use a checklist of competencies to rate your performance.

Note: The observer will provide the candidate with feedback at the conclusion of the observation. The SEI will notify the candidate of certification evaluation status as an instructor for the IPPSS course and furnish a diploma when certified. For observations that are unsatisfactory, the SEI will provide the candidate with feedback and, if necessary, steps for remediation. Any additional SEI support for remedial work will be at the sponsoring SEI Partner’s expense.

The SEI will observe up to two candidates per offering, provided that the SEI is informed prior to the offering. The candidate’s sponsoring SEI Partner determines the location of the course offering and reimburses the SEI for daily effort and actual travel expenses when the SEI performs the observation.

7. Receive your certification

If steps #1-6 are performed satisfactorily, then certification is granted by the SEI. The SEI will notify you of the results of your performance assessment within 3-4 weeks. SEI-Certified IPPSS Instructors will receive a certification diploma.