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Become an SEI-Certified PSP Developer

The SEI Personal Software Process is a disciplined and structured approach to software development that can be applied to many different types of projects. As an SEI-Certified PSP Developer, you have the knowledge and skills to competently deliver quality software on predictable schedules—and the SEI credentials to show your employer that you've got what it takes to deliver quality software on time and within budget.

Steps for Earning Your PSP Developer Certification

1. Learn

Take advantage of the SEI's extensive training resources that will complement the way you learn best:

  • Review the PSP books authored by Watts Humphrey and published by Addison Wesley.
  • Attend training at the SEI or training from SEI Partners to gain PSP and TSP skills that you can apply in your organization. (Formal course attendance is not a requirement, but the SEI recommends that you attend PSP courses for a well-rounded understanding of PSP.)

Alternative Entry: This option is available for those professionals who are contributors to the practice and have earned their PSP Instructor Authorization. PSP Instructors continually demonstrate a high degree of knowledge and skill in applying PSP fundamentals. Only currently authorized PSP Instructors in good standing may apply for this optional experience based entry gate. Approved candidates receive a waiver to the PSP Developer examination requirement. The application and processing fee is discussed in Step 2. Interested applicants should contact the SEI at

2. Meet the examination requirement

Register for the PSP Developer exam by visiting the exam portal at You can take the exam at one of hundreds of testing locations throughout the world.

Examination fee: $250 (refundable for cancellations made
72 hours or more before your scheduled
Alternative entry fee: $250 USD

Candidates who take exams through our online testing services providers will be notified of their scores immediately. Candidates who take exams administered via paper and pencil will receive their scores within 7-10 business days. More details about the PSP Developer Exam development and content are available.

3. Apply

After you have successfully completed the exam requirement, you will need to complete and submit the application to become an SEI-Certified PSP Developer. You will receive a confirmation USD when your application submission is complete. 

4. Receive your certification

Upon successfully completing your exam and application submission, you will receive your certification diploma and a listing on the directory of PSP Developer certified professionals.

4. Keep your certification up to date

The SEI requires that you keep your certification up to date by participating in PSP-related activities and paying a $75 fee, both of which are required to renew your certification.

Read more about the requirements for renewing your certification.

PSP Developer Frequently Asked Questions

Please review our list of frequently asked questions for more information.