Second International Workshop on Software Architecture and Metrics

SAM will be held in conjunction with ICSE 2015


More reasons to attend SAM 2015!

Radu Marinescu from the Politehnica University of Timisoara and Tim Menzies of North Carolina State University will give keynotes.

Radu Marinescu, Politehnica University of TimisoaraRadu Marinescu
Politehnica University of Timisoara

Measuring Software: From Data to Actionable Knowledge
Nowadays we have tools that compute a myriad of metrics and throw at us thousands of warnings. Managers are gazing ecstatically at complex dashboards full of complex and vividly colored charts and trend lines. Sophisticated "technical debt calculators" are converting, with great boldness, internal quality issues to scary financial figures. With such an impressive arsenal of methodologies, techniques, and tools, software projects should be under full control. Except they are not! Often, metrics leave us clueless on how to improve the quality of our software; even worse, following blindly the goal of fixing some metric values usually leads to a degradation of a system's quality. In this talk, I will share some of the practical lessons learned on how to use software metrics to actually improve a system's design. I will also discuss the need to find new ways of correlating the various sources of information about a project, in order to move from raw data to insightful knowledge that can lead to real improvement actions.

Radu Marinescu is a professor of software engineering at the Politehnica University of Timisoara, Romania, where he heads the LOOSE Research Group. His research is focused on the areas of quality assurance, software metrics, and refactoring. He strongly believes that research must ultimately flow into software products that will change the state of the practice in software companies. That’s why he co-founded Intooitus, a spin-off company that provides disruptive tools reflecting a novel approach on assessing design quality and detecting symptoms of technical debt. These tools are currently used by thousands of developers and architects in large-scale companies, including a very successful deployment in a Global Fortune 500 telecom company. In 2014 he received the ICSME Most Influential Paper Award, after receiving in 2009 the IBM John Backus Award for "having done the most to improve programmer productivity" from a jury that included two Turing Award winners. In 2010 he served as General Chair of ICSM.

Tim Menzies, North Carolina State UniversityTim Menzies
North Carolina State University

Kits to Find Bits that Fits (Some Notes on Architecture and Context)

Tim Menzies (PhD, UNSW, 1995) is a full professor in CS at North Carolina State University where he teaches software engineering and search-based SE. His research relates to synergies between human and artificial intelligence, with particular application to data mining for software engineering. He is the author of over 230 referred publications and is one of the 100 most cited authors in software engineering out of over 39,000 researchers. In his career, he has been a lead researcher on projects for NSF, NIJ, DoD, NASA, and USDA, as well as joint research work with private companies. Prof. Menzies is the co-founder of the PROMISE conference series devoted to reproducible experiments in software engineering. He is an associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, Empirical Software Engineering, and the Automated Software Engineering Journal. In 2015, he will serve as co-chair for the ICSE'15 NIER track.


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