Eighth International Workshop on Managing Technical Debt

In conjunction with ICSME 2016


The workshop will be organized as a combination of presentations and interactive sessions to discuss progress on technical debt management, measurement, and analysis; to gather empirical evidence on the use and effectiveness of technical debt; and to identify priorities for a research agenda and transition plan.


Welcome and Introduction
Program Chairs


Keynote Address and Discussion
50 Years of Technical Debt with Rising Interest Rates
Firas Glaiel, Raytheon, US




Session 1: Technical Debt in Different Domains

How "Specification by Example" and Test-Driven Development Help to Avoid Technical Debt
Wolfgang Trumler and Frances Paulisch, Siemens, DE (20 minutes)


The Perception of Technical Debt in the Embedded Systems Domain: An Industrial Case Study
Areti Ampatzoglou, University of Groningen, Netherlands; Apostolos Ampatzoglou, University of Groningen, Netherlands; Alexander Chatzigeorgiou, University of Macedonia, Greece; Paris Avgeriou, University of Groningen, Netherlands; Pekka Abrahamsson, National Technical University of Norway; Antonio Martini, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden; Uwe Zdun, University of Vienna, Austria; and Kari Systa, Technical University of Tampere, FI (20 minutes)


Database Design Debts Through Examining Schema Evolution
Mashel Albarak and Rami Bahsoon, University of Biringham, UK (20 minutes)


Discussion (30 minutes)




Session 2: Analyzing Technical Debt


Toward Assessing the Technical Debt of Undesired Software Behaviors in Design Patterns
Derek Reimanis and Clemente Izurieta, Montana State University, US (15 minutes)

Technical Debt Indexes Provided by Tools: A Preliminary Discussion
Francesca Arcelli Fontana, Riccardo Roveda, and Marco Zanoni, University of Milano–Bicocca, IT (15 minutes)


Practical Technical Debt Discovery by Matching Patterns in Assessment Graphs
Andriy Shapochka and Borys Omelayenko, Softserve, Inc., UA (15 minutes)


Adjusting the Balance Sheet by Appending Technical Debt
Shirin Akbarinasaji and Ayse Bener, Ryerson University, CA (15 minutes)


Discussion (30 minutes)


Roadmap Discussion: From Research to Practice
Facilitator: Carolyn Seaman


Moving Forward and Adjourn


Evening Social Event: Workshop Dinner
To facilitate closer links among participants, we will have a dinner the evening of the workshop at the Second Empire Restaurant.










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