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SEI Resources

Dependability Cases, Charles B. Weinstock, John B. Goodenough, John J. Hudak (Software Engineering Institute)
An overview of the assurance case (dependability case) concept with an example of it applied to understanding a NASA clock synchronization protocol.

Arguing Security - Creating Security Assurance Cases, John B. Goodenough, Howard Lipson, Charles B. Weinstock (Software Engineering Institute)
Part of the "Build Security In" website, this article discusses the application of assurance cases to the security domain.

Towards an Assurance Case Practice for Medical Devices, Charles B. Weinstock and John B. Goodenough (Software Engineering Institute)
Explores the use of assurance cases for justifying claims of medical device safety.

Evaluating Hazard Mitigations with Dependability Cases, John B. Goodenough (Software Engineering Institute) and Matthew R. Barry (Software-Intensive Systems, Inc.)
This paper discusses the valued added by a Dependability Case (alternate name for an Assurance Case) to traditional hazard analysis.

Assurance Cases for Design Analysis of Complex System of Systems Software, Stephen Blanchette, Jr. (Software Engineering Institute)
This paper discusses the application of assurance cases as a means of building confidence that the software design of a complex system of systems will actually meet the operational objectives set forth in the project's top-level requirements.

Other Resources

The Goal Structuring Notation—A Safety Argument Notation, Tim Kelly and Rob Weaver, University of York
An overview of safety cases, and their development in Goal Structuring Notation.

Def Stan 00-56: "Safety Management Requirements for Defence Systems", UK Ministry of Defence
See and These two standards describe the requirements and suggested implementation practices for safety management for defence systems in the United Kingdom.

Assuring Operational Systems - A Safety Case Study, Simon Di Nucci, QinetiQ
These slides tell a story about a complex system certified with the assistance of assurance cases.