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SEI-Authorized Personal Software Process Instructor

Authorization • Software Process

What Services Do SEI-Authorized PSP Instructors Offer?

As an SEI-Authorized PSP Instructor, you can use the TSP course suite to teach the PSP for Engineers, PSP Fundamentals, PSP Advanced, Introduction to Personal Process, Leading a Development Team, Managing TSP Teams, TSP Team Member Training, and TSP Executive Strategy Seminar courses to others in your organization or outside your organization, per the terms of your SEI License agreement.

Benefits of the PSP Instructor Authorization

Upon completing the authorization process, participants will be entitled to refer to themselves as SEI-Authorized PSP Instructors. If their sponsoring organization has chosen to be listed on the SEI website in the SEI Partner Directory, participants' names will also appear in the directory as SEI-Authorized Individuals.

Who Should Get This Credential?

This credential will benefit

  • software developers who have received PSP training and want to transition this structured development process to their organization
  • potential software engineering instructors
  • potential software quality management instructors
  • third-party vendors of software engineering or quality training

Term and Renewal

PSP Instructor Authorization is valid for a period of two years from the award date and expires the last day of the month on which it was awarded.

For details, see How to Renew Personal Software Process (PSP) Instructor Authorization.

Summary of Fees

There are fees for courses and training. SEI Partners pay annual support fees for authorizations. The prerequisite courses may be delivered by the SEI or an SEI Partner while the advanced instructor training may be delivered by the SEI or a TSP Strategic Partner. Training fees are set by the SEI. For more information about fees, contact the SEI at

How to Apply

1. Meet qualification criteria

  • Complete one of the following sets of courses:
    • PSP for Engineers I and II
    • PSP for Engineers, Academic, blended learning version
    • PSP Fundamentals and PSP Advanced courses, from the SEI or an SEI-Authorized PSP Instructor

      Note: The self-study PSP for Engineers course materials available at do not satisfy this requirement. The self-study material is not supported by SEI and will not evolve over time.
  • Be recommended by at least one of the SEI-Authorized PSP Instructors who taught you in either the PSP for Engineers I or II courses or the PSP Fundamentals or PSP Advanced courses
  • Be an SEI-Certified PSP Developer
  • Be sponsored by an SEI Partner for the TSP Product Suite
  • Have previous teaching or public speaking experience
  • Be proficient in both spoken and written English
  • Sign the Code of Professional Conduct Commitment Form

2. Apply for and complete the instructor training course

Register for the PSP Instructor Training course within 18 months of completing the PSP for Engineers I and II courses or the PSP Fundamentals and PSP Advanced courses. Within 10 days, you will receive a registration packet containing registration instructions and a data submission form. You must provide completed registration materials, including data from your prerequisite courses, no later than 60 days before the start of instructor training. (If you are enrolled in the PSP for Engineers II or PSP Advanced course at the SEI, the registration materials will be provided to you on the first day of that course.)

The SEI will review your registration materials to ensure that you have a basic understanding of PSP concepts, are qualified to attend the instructor training course, and have met all other entry requirements. You will receive email notification of the results of this pre-course screening.

Authorization Process

1. Meet examination requirements

You must pass the qualification exam offered on the last day of the PSP Instructor Training course. If you do not pass the exam, you may retake it at a later time for an additional fee.

The SEI reserves the right in its sole discretion to require remedial work for Authorization Candidates pursuing authorization, and Authorization Candidates agree to perform such remedial work as a condition of becoming an SEI-Authorized PSP Instructor. Any remedial work for Authorization Candidates assigned by the SEI must be satisfactorily completed within 3 months of when the SEI notifies the Authorization Candidate of the remedial work, unless otherwise stipulated by the SEI. Any additional SEI support for remedial work will be billed in accordance with applicable fees.

2. Receive your authorization

After completing all prior steps, you will receive a two-year authorization to deliver TSP Product Suite Courses. The SEI will provide access to the instructional materials listed in the TSP Product Suite Materials document. You will also receive a Certificate of Authorization to teach TSP Product Suite Courses.

Contact us with questions about this authorization at

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Training courses provided by the SEI are not academic courses for academic credit toward a degree. Any certificates provided are evidence of the completion of the courses and are not official academic credentials. For more information about SEI training courses, see Registration Terms and Conditions and Confidentiality of Course Records.