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Powered by Raytheon, Forcepoint consulting services capitalizes on our over 15 years experience with commercial and government customers developing effective, risk-based programs to protect the workforce, data, intellectual property, and information systems from intentional and unintentional insiders. Our privacy-by-design precept helps organizations restore confidence in the adoption of cutting-edge business-enabling technologies while maintaining the trust of the workforce and preventing adverse impacts to a thriving organizational culture. The ITVA helps organizations establish a baseline profile of its readiness which is crucial to developing a gap analysis and actionable road map to the desired future state. Forcepoint insider threat capabilities include program design, program development, operations improvement and support, and educational workshops. Contact us to discover how we can help your organization implement and operationalize SEI CERT insider threat best practices.

Insider Threat

  • Insider Threat Program Evaluation
  • Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessment
SEI-Authorized Insider Threat Program Evaluator (Authorized)
  • Michael Miller
  • Daniel Velez
SEI-Authorized Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessor (Authorized)
  • Andrew Distler
  • Stephen Henkel
  • Michael Miller
  • Daniel Velez