Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University
Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University

Reliable, Fast System for the Mexican Stock Exchange

What our client needed

Bursatec, the technology arm of the Mexican Stock Exchange, needed to replace three older systems with one that would be reliable and fast, work ceaselessly throughout the day, and handle sharp fluctuations in trading volume.

Who we worked with

Bursatec domain experts, software architects, and software developers

What we did

  • Conducted a Quality Attribute Workshop (QAW) for stakeholders to define most important quality attributes
  • Coached software architects in applying rigorous architecture evaluation techniques at each two-week iteration period
  • Implemented the Team Software Process (TSP) to improve delivery

The new trading engine, MoNet, went online in September 2012, beating its performance expectations. Within a month after launch, MoNet handled the Santander IPO, which is comparable in size to the Facebook IPO, with no issues.

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