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Why Choose Software Architecture Training from the SEI?

Our Reputation by the Numbers

  • 19 years of leadership in software architecture
  • Staff members from more than 900 organizations trained
  • More than 1,800 software-architecture-related certificates earned
  • More than 145,000 copies of software architecture books sold
  • More than 2,400 citations of the books used in the Software Architecture Curriculum since 2005 in professional journal articles and conference papers

A Pioneer that Continues to Drive Innovation

SEI training prepares software architects to lead teams and guide the development of today’s increasingly complex systems and meet the needs of a wide spectrum of users.

The SEI Software Architecture Curriculum emphasizes core principles of architecture that are essential to the success of any software-development strategy, including those that make use of emerging technologies such as virtualization, mobile applications, service-oriented architecture, and cloud computing.  

Operated by Carnegie Mellon University—a global research university recognized worldwide for its technology programs—the SEI has been catalyzing technical innovation since 1984. As a federally funded research and development center, the SEI helps its principal sponsor, the U.S. Department of Defense, assure the quality and reliability of its most critical systems. Taking SEI courses is the best way to take advantage of and benefit from government-funded research in how to develop systems that meet the highest possible standards of quality and reliability. 

In 1997, the SEI published the first and still most widely cited book for software architecture practitioners, Software Architecture in Practice, which received a JOLT award for contributing to the creation of software faster, more easily, and more efficiently. Now in its second edition, this book is a foundation of the SEI curriculum and has been adopted by more than 80 colleges and universities for use in classrooms throughout the world. The SEI followed Software Architecture in Practice with three other influential and frequently cited books, all of which are used in the curriculum. 

The SEI in the software architecture arena is a pioneer and has been for more than a decade. 

-- Rolf Siegers, Raytheon, Lead, Raytheon Mission Architecture Program 

The SEI is one of the most influential organizations dealing with software engineering and software architecture. Researchers such as Rick Kazman and Felix H. Bachmann have become internationally renowned experts. Thus, it is of interest for software engineers to keep themselves up to date with the state of the art as seen by the SEI.

-- Michael Stal, Siemens Corporate Research