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Achieving Your Certificate

Gaining your SEI certificate in software architecture will reflect that you have met a standard for continued excellence.

What You Need to Do

You will attain your certificate by completing coursework and by achieving a passing score of 75% on a validation exam. You can take the exam any time after you have completed the Software Architecture: Principles and Practices (SAPP) course. The exam administration fee is $150.00 USD. To begin your registration, please visit

About the Exam 

The exam is based on information found in the SAPP course materials and in book Software Architecture in Practice 2nd edition. In this exam, you will answer 96 multiple-choice questions on these topics:

  • Architectural Business Cycle
  • Architectural Patterns
  • Architectural Structures
  • Architectural Tactics
  • Architectural Views
  • Architecture Design
  • Architecture Evaluation
  • Architecture Mismatch
  • Architecture-related Case Studies
  • Architecture Trade-off Analysis Method
  • Attribute Driven Design
  • Enterprise and System Architecture
  • Quality Attribute Scenarios
  • Quality Attribute Workshop
  • Reference Architectures
  • Reference Models
  • Software Architecture
  • Software Product Lines
  • The Importance of Software Architecture
  • Understanding Quality Attributes