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SEI Courses in Software Architecture

Courses for Professional Development

Our software architecture curriculum comprises 10 courses designed to provide you with knowledge and skills at all phases in your development, from foundational concepts to advanced techniques.

Take a Series of Courses to Earn a Certificate

Delve into Key Topics in Architecture

You can also explore key topics in depth, such as system/software modeling, architecture evaluation, and software architecture practice.

All Courses

All courses are available in classroom and team training delivery options. Courses available in learner-driven eLearning are indicated.

Software Architecture Principles and Practices

Provides insight into the latest concepts about software architecture and into ways to use it successfully in developing software-reliant systems
*available in eLearning

Software Architecture Design and Analysis

Covers the concepts needed to effectively design and analyze a software architecture

Documenting Software Architectures

Covers effective practices that produce software architecture documentation that is useful to all stakeholders 
*available in eLearning

Software Product Lines

Introduces the technical and management practices needed to effect strategic reuse with software product lines 
*available in eLearning

ATAM Evaluator Training

Provides instruction in how to apply the SEI Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) and preparation to act as an ATAM evaluation team member

Service-Oriented Architecture: Best Practices for Successful Adoption

Introduces fundamentals in strategy, governance, technology evaluation, and an approach for adopting service-oriented architecture as a development paradigm

ATAM Leader Training

Provides facilitation, social, and leadership skills needed to successfully guide an architecture evaluation using the ATAM

Advanced Software Architecture Workshop

Provides the opportunity to apply architecture knowledge gained in the classroom to concrete problems, easing the integration of that knowledge into an organization's everyday practice

Modeling System Architectures Using the Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL)

Builds on the SAE AADL standard for engineering real-time embedded software systems and provides an overview of other system and software modeling techniques such as MDA, SysML, and UML