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Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University


Completed Reports and Results

Measurement and analysis research in the form of reports, presentation, books, and webinars can be found in our library. Descriptions of our primary research areas are provided below.

State of the Measurement and Analysis Practice

SEMA conducts a yearly study into current measurement and analysis practices and results. The results of these studies indicate

  • what measurement definition and implementation approaches are being adopted and used by the community
  • the most prevalent types of measures being used by organizations that develop or acquire software
  • what behaviors are preventing the effective use of measurement, so that these barriers can be addressed

Additional topics are included in the survey each year if they are judged to be of exceptional importance. Survey results are available by year.

CMMI-Related Measurement and Analysis

SEMA is working on techniques and guidance to help organizations meet the requirements for the measurement & analysis-related process areas of Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) and sustain their momentum for improvement. SEMA researches the most effective ways to implement measurement and analysis processes, from the Measurement and Analysis Support Process Area at maturity level 2 to the high maturity techniques needed for maturity levels 4 and 5.

Special topics in our state of the practice surveys let you know how other organizations using CMMI are doing with measurement and analysis.

Improving Acquisition of Software-Intensive Systems

SEMA engages in research to determine how measurement and analysis can be used to improve DoD acquisition practices.