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2010 Cybersecurity Watch Survey News Item

Cybercrime threats posed to targeted organizations are increasing faster than many organizations can combat them, according to the 2010 CyberSecurity Watch Survey conducted by CSO magazine, the leading resource for security professionals, and sponsored by Deloitte's Center for Security & Privacy Solutions. Moreover, the survey suggests the threat of cybercrime is heightened by current security models that are only minimally effective against cyber criminals.

More than 500 respondents, including business and government executives, professionals and consultants, participated in the survey. The survey is a cooperative effort of CSO, the U.S. Secret Service, Software Engineering Institute CERT® Program at Carnegie Mellon University and Deloitte's Center for Security & Privacy Solutions, a new security solutions innovation center.

"Coupled with organizations' misperceptions of the effectiveness of current security models, the survey suggests that most entities employ traditional 'wall-and-fortress' approaches to security," said Ted DeZabala, principal, Deloitte & Touche LLP and national leader of Deloitte's Security & Privacy services. "Organizations can take a more effective approach by looking at themselves as cyber criminals do, focusing on what assets are at risk of leaving the organization through the IT environment as well as the threats entering the organization through the same means. In other words, a risk-based approach."

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