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Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University

Partner Guide

A Global Network of Trusted Providers

The SEI Partner Network is a premier group of organizations that deliver time-tested, proven services developed by the SEI. Whether you are already a Partner or are interested in becoming one, this guide can help you understand what is available, the benefits of being a Partner, and how you can carry out your work as an SEI Partner.

Proven Solutions on the Cutting Edge of Technology

The Software Engineering Institute is a world-renowned center for excellence providing information about all stages of the software lifecycle, from development to deployment to incident response. Operated by Carnegie Mellon University, the SEI is on the cutting edge of technology.  We research software and cybersecurity problems of considerable complexity, create and test innovative technologies, and transition maturing solutions to widespread use. Using tools, technologies, and practices developed or matured by the SEI, organizations and government agencies can meet mission goals through improvements that include

  • more efficient and agile development of software-reliant capabilities
  • improved software project cost estimation
  • reduced risk due to software vulnerabilities
  • more resilient cyber systems and networks
  • reduced sustainment costs
  • a workforce skilled in the acquisition of complex, secure software systems

Navigating the Partner Guide

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