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An Architecture-Focused Measurement Framework for Managing Technical Debt

Ipek Ozkaya


Managing technical debt, which refers to the rework and degraded quality resulting from overly hasty delivery of software capabilities to users, is an increasingly critical aspect of producing cost-effective, timely, and high-quality software products. A delicate balance is needed between the desire to release new software capabilities rapidly to satisfy users and the desire to practice sound software engineering that reduces rework. In this podcast, Ipek Ozkaya discusses the SEI's research on the strategic management of technical debt, which involves decisions made to defer necessary work during the planning or execution of a software project.


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Categories: Software Architecture

About the Speaker

Ipek Ozkaya

Ipek Ozkaya is a senior member of the technical staff at the SEI. Her primary work focuses on developing techniques and methods for improving software architecture practices by focusing on software economics and requirements management. She serves as the technical lead of the agile development and software architecture independent research work, in addition to leading work in architecture-based system evolution. She also teaches several courses in the Software Architecture Certificate Program at the SEI.