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A nomination must be seconded by a senior executive from the nominee's organization. If the target organizations are different from the nominee's organization, then the nomination must also be seconded by a senior executive from the each of the target organizations. In addition to seconding the nomination, these senior executives must agree to the following:

  • None of the data and information in the nomination material is proprietary or confidential.
  • On request, the nominee will provide additional detailed data and information regarding the software engineering process improvement-related work. If any of the additional data and information is proprietary or confidential, it will be clearly marked as such.
  • If selected as an award recipient, the nominee will make a presentation at a conference to be selected by the SEI and the IEEE Computer Society and, in particular, be available to receive the commemorative plaque when the award is announced.
  • All data and information that the Humphrey Award Selection Subcommittee uses as the basis for an award will be published in the SEI technical report, perhaps in some modified form mutually acceptable to the Chair of the Selection Subcommittee and the award recipient.
  • If an on-site visit is required (the Selection Subcommittee will use teleconferencing technology where possible), all travel expenses will be reimbursed by the nominee's organization and/or the target organizations, with international travel reimbursed for one Selection Subcommittee member at business-class airfare rates.
  • Subcommittee members will not be required to return the nomination material, any non-proprietary or non-confidential material submitted in response to requests for additional information, or any non-proprietary or non-confidential material distributed during a site visit.

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